Direct selling involves the personal introduction of products and services away from retail settings such as stores or an Internet search. Direct sales introductions are either one-on-one, group settings or “home parties”.

Face-to-face meetings – The essence of direct trade

Face-to-face meetings in direct sales differ from the more traditional settings such as retail stores. Perhaps the most common way to conduct direct trade is in what's known as home parties. At a home party, the seller invites potential customers to try the products on display or visits customers in their homes. The personal relationship is the key, from the meeting with the customer to the personal follow-up and contact with the company.

We call our sales representatives Independent Partners. A partner may choose to work solely with recommending products to customers. Zinzino has a vision that focuses clearly on the customer. If a partner so chooses, he or she may join with other independent partners to build up a network of independent partners. We work hard at long-term collaboration with our partners, and as we pass through different stages of life, our business opportunity remains flexible and moves with those changes. We want to build a Zinzino and that is a lifelong partnership – together.

As a Zinzino partner, you choose your own work hours level of intensity. Direct selling attracts people from a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. It provides dynamic, exciting cross-border encounters and equal opportunity for all.

our independent partners enjoy access to an established brand, a system of training and marketing and access to exclusive, well-developed products of the highest quality without having to buy large inventories.

Each partner’s own customers and personal network forms the basis of his or her business. As a company, Zinzino stands behind its independent partners and will support their business activities into the future. Zinzino provides the tools and necessities that allow independent partners to create their own success according to personal ambitions, lifestyle and goals. The are no limits to what is possible!

Zinzino – proud member of the Direct Sales Association

Zinzino is a member of the Swedish Association of Direct Selling Companies and has worked proactively for an open and honest direct selling industry, for many years. Zinzino is a member of the national direct selling associations of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Netherlands. Zinzino applies to the direct selling associations in every new market it enters and is currently a probationary member of the associations in the USA, Germany and Poland. Below are links to the associations in which we are members, as well as a direct link to the Code of Ethics.

Membership in the Association of Direct Selling Companies constitutes a seal of approval for Zinzino as a company. The primary task of the Swedish Association of Direct Selling Companies is to protect the consumer, to promote good business practices and to foster a good reputation for direct selling as a distribution medium and for its practitioners. It also works to promote awareness and the application of the industry’s code of ethics and ensure that sellers and distributors are well trained. The Direct Sales Association is the consultative body for legislation that affects direct selling.

Direct selling accounts for billions in sales

The Direct selling industry is strong around the world. The Swedish Association of Direct Selling Companies is a member of the FEDSA (Federation of European Direct Selling Associations). FEDSA represents some 25 European national direct selling associations and, directly or indirectly through its associated corporate members, more than 1,000 direct selling companies with total annual sales of more than EUR 20 billion and with more than seven million direct sellers. Of these, nearly six million are women. Global sales in the industry in 2014, was no less than USD 182,823 million with almost 100 million active direct sellers.

Membership in the Swedish Association of Direct Selling Companies constitutes a seal of approval for Zinzino, as a company.