Zinzino Health Challenge - a way for people to improve their quality of life. This is a part of our health concept and a natural step in our vision to Inspire Change in Life. The purpose of the concept is to provide you with tools to create health changes and new habits. Our promotion concerning changing habits and losing weight has nothing to do with fads or aesthetics. It has to do with government recommendations and the results from countless studies. These studies prove the benefits of avoiding obesity and stress the importance of exercise.


Obesity has become a major threat to the health of the population, on a global scale. It was once considered a problem associated with high-income countries. Today, overweight and obesity are rising dramatically in low and middle income countries.



Everyone knows the importance of moderate daily exercise. Yet, even though we know and understand this, something always gets in the way of creating a healthier lifestyle. We believe the power of habit is important for achieving lasting results.



In the western diet, food supply is generally not a problem, but excessive fast food consumption may contribute to nutritional deficiencies over time. Thus, a balanced diet, with the right type of proteins, dietary fibers, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients is important. LeanShake gives you a complete meal, with all necessary daily nutrients.



Being aware of habits that cause obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle is crucial. Having the motivation and means to switch these habits for beneficial ones can be life changing. If you follow our plan, we're convinced we can help you with the means, motivation and knowledge you need to achieve your goals and a long-term healthy lifestyle.