Have you ever talked about a product or experience you were satisfied with? Did you receive anything for it?

Human beings are social creatures, and we tend to talk about things that occupy our minds. Often, they are experiences we have had with products and services. But we seldom get anything back for telling other people about our experiences. We have a different take on this.

Thousands of our customers have shared their experiences of our products. To show our appreciation, we created the Zinzino 4 free customer program. This means sharing our products and services and getting customers, this way you can get your own products for free… Fair, or what?

You do a job for us and we give you something in return! After all, why pay for something if you can get for free, right?

How to get Zinzino 4 Free?

To get your Zinzino products for free, certain rules apply:

  • You must be a premier customer.  (have a subscription).
  • You must recommend products to 4 customers.
  • They must be premier customers with subscription orders with at least the same amount of credits* as you. Or your customers’ orders must total four times your own Zinzino 4 Free *credits.
  • You only pay shipping  for each order.

  • Start telling people about your Zinzino experience today and before you know it, you'll be getting your products for free!

*Credits constitute an internal Zinzino currency, because different currencies are used in different countries.