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Health • pátek 18. září 2020 • 3 min

The science behind LeanShake as an effective meal replacement

By Zinzino

We live in a society where losing weight isn’t that easy. Most of us work from a desk, or now at home, that keeps us sitting down for one third of the day. Couple this with how modern food is produced, stored and cooked, and it’s no wonder losing pounds (and keeping them off) is a constant challenge for many people.

Meal replacement shakes haven’t always had the best reputation as many brands focused on taste, before nutrition. Zinzino’s LeanShake proves you can have both.

For balanced nutrition and weight control, LeanShake is an effective meal replacement option. For people looking to lose weight1, replace two meals with LeanShake. For healthy weight maintenance, use LeanShake for one meal. And if fitness and muscle development2 is the goal, take once or twice a day, before or after your workout.

For those who tend to eat smaller meals, LeanShake can sustain hunger satisfaction in between.

Lose weight, gain muscle (and ‘good’ gut bacteria)

It’s a delicious (yes, delicious) meal replacement designed for weight loss1, by substituting two meals of an energy-restricted meal plan. It supports muscle development2, thanks to Zinzino’s signature protein mix.

LeanShake also balances the microbiota for gut health. It features the dietary fiber blend in ZinoBiotic+, which supports the growth of ‘good’ bacteria in the colon. LeanShake intuitively ‘feeds’ this microbiota to make up a higher percentage of the population. The strength of LeanShake (and ZinoBiotic+) is the way it stimulates the growth of “good” bacteria in the entire colon. The “good guys” help ferment fibers, produce vitamins, and educate the immune system.

Reducing the amount of processed and ultra-processed foods high in sugar and fat can contribute to better gut health. Additionally, eating a wide range of plant-based foods is important for overall health. Aim for a diet high in fibers3 to support your gut microbiome.

LeanShake has a low glycemic load (GL), deriving its flavor from natural sources like honey powders and Stevia. LeanShake gives the body an intelligent mix of proteins, fibers fatty acids, as well as the 25+ vitamins and minerals it needs for weight loss and training – all in a 231-calorie serving.


Proteins, fibers & fatty acids – no-milk meal replacement shake options available

LeanShake Strawberry and Chocolate feature whey protein isolate and milk protein concentrate, both high in essential amino acids. Proteins don’t only support muscle development2, but also the maintenance of normal bones4. Speaking of protein, these two flavors have the best source of it found naturally in the body: collagen peptide. Whey and milk proteins further aid the body. The vegetarian milk-free options, Vanilla and Berry, leverage pea and oat proteins.

LeanShake’s smart blend of dietary fibers stimulate the growth and maintenance of the beneficial gut microbiota. The high fiber3 portion helps to increase fecal bulk. And Zinzino hasn’t missed an opportunity to further re-balance the Omega-6:3 ratio. LeanShake features alpha-linolenic acid and beta glucans, which help to maintain normal cholesterol level6 7


Get in shape, use LeanShake

Zinzino’s LeanShake meal replacement makes it possible to lose weight1, not nutrients. Just turn to the nutrient breakdown to see just how powerful LeanShake can be for your diet and training regime.

It’s a delicious meal replacement that will provide hunger satisfaction so it’s something to look forward to (and maintain).

Say cheers to good health and drink up this superfood blend. Ingredients like quinoa give it a creamy, smooth texture, while flavors like pineapple extract powder naturally sweeten it.

Click here for some delicious LeanShake recipes. 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1. Substituting two daily meals of an energy restricted diet with meal replacements

Nahrazení dvou denních jídel dietou s omezenou spotřebou energie jakožto náhradou jídla přispívá k hubnutí. Aby bylo možné tvrzení použít, mělo by jídlo splňovat specifikace uvedené ve směrnici 96/8/ES upravující potraviny podle článku 1(2)(b) této směrnice. Aby bylo tvrzení účinné, dvě denní jídla musejí být nahrazena náhradní potravinou.

2. Protein contributes to a growth in muscle

Bílkoviny přispívají k růstu svalové hmoty. Bílkoviny přispívají k udržení svalové hmoty. Tvrzení smí být použito pouze u potravin, které jsou přinejmenším zdrojem bílkovin podle vymezení v tvrzení ZDROJ BÍLKOVIN na seznamu v příloze nařízení (ES) č. 1924/2006.

3. A claim that a food is high in fibre,

Prohlášení, že potravina je bohatá na vlákninu, a jakékoli prohlášení, které bude mít pro spotřebitele stejný význam, může být učiněno, pouze pokud produkt obsahuje alespoň 6 g vlákniny na 100 g nebo alespoň 3 g vlákniny na 100 kcal.

4. Protein contributes to the maintenance of normal bone

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5. Oat grain fibre

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6. ALA přispívá k udržení normální hladiny cholesterolu v krvi

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7. Beta glucans blood cholesterol levels

Betaglukany přispívají k udržení normální hladiny cholesterolu v krvi. Tvrzení smí být použito pouze u potravin, které obsahují nejméně 1 g betaglukanů z ovsa, ovesných otrub, ječmene, ječných otrub, nebo ze směsí těchto zdrojů v kvantifikované porci. Aby bylo možné tvrzení použít, musí být spotřebitel informován, že příznivého účinku se dosáhne při příjmu 3 g betaglukanů z ovsa, ovesných otrub, ječmene, ječných otrub nebo ze směsí těchto zdrojů denně.