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Meet our brand ambassadors

A life in balance will unleash endless potential. Each one of the top achievers carrying our brand on their sleeve is a true testament to that. These are their personal stories.

Windsurfer Sebastian Kornum has his sights set on the 2024 Olympics.

Sebastian Kornum is riding his way to the Olympics, one wave (and BalanceShot) at a time

While aquatic sports don’t top the popularity list in Nordic countries such as Denmark, for Sebastian Kornum, windsurfing literally blew him away. Combine surfing, sailing, water skiing, snowboarding and stunning scenery, and you’ve got windsurfing. At home on the water, Sebastian has set his sails for the Olympics. Flying high is truly the name of the game.


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Mariell has won the World Cup gold in kickboxing.

Kickboxer Mariell Gaassand Straum puts her dukes up against gender stereotypes

Who says kickboxing is for ‘guys’? Not Mariell Gaassand Straum, the 23-year-old full-contact kickboxer from Norway. In good company with her brothers, Patrick and Raymond (both professionals), the trio are smashing records all over. While full-contact kickboxing is high-impact, it calls for deep focus and flow. For Mariell, Zinzino has become one of her greatest assets in the ring.


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Ingvild Brattekleiv has got many recognitions in Swedish and Norwegian championships

Ingvild Brattekleiv’s new Omega-6:3 ratio is one of her greatest wins

Ingvild Brattekleiv placed 47th for the Women’s Road Race in the Norwegian National Championships 2020. This 29-year-old adventurer is one of those special souls who belongs in the great outdoors. But she can’t be shoe-boxed into just one category. Some of the many hats (actually, helmets) she wears include ‘personal trainer’, ‘sports scientist’, skier and Zinzino advocate.


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Swedish professional footballer Emil Kraft, who currently plays for Newcastle United

Emil Krafth has found the key to scoring high both off and on the field

The Swedish professional soccer player, who is currently playing right-back for Newcastle United, has been devoted to the sport all his life and knows it’s a hard truth you simply have to learn to live with. At least, that’s what Emil Krafth had always thought before he added customized supplements to his health regimen.


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Finnish volleyball and beach volley player Riikka Lehtonen

Finland’s beach volleyball star, Riikka Lehtonen, is a lesson in never quitting

Praised as the most successful female volleyball player in Finland, Riikka Lehtonen has served up her talents to various professional clubs across Europe. She played professionally for 14 years before her career really spiked in beach volleyball.


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South African rugby player Carel Greeff, who currently plays for Rovigo Delta

A change of heart turned into an opportunity of a lifetime for rugby player Carel Greeff

At the age of 23, he decided to leave rugby and pursue other directions in life. A year later an old coach reached out and soon Carel Greeff was drafted into professional rugby. Today, this south African is making a living on the sport he could never let go. And judging from his track record so far, he should be pretty pleased with his life changing decision.


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Downhill skateboarder from Lithuania Ras Sarunas Rasalas

Empowering body and mind accelerate Ras Sarunas Rasalas’ downhill skating career

While his street ‘rep’ as a pro downhill skateboarder is legendary, Ras Sarunas Rasalas is also an inspirational role model through his passionate outlook on life. “The most unhappy person is the one who has no courage to dream.” It’s a live-fast philosophy that’s needed not only in downhill skating.


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IFBB Professional bodybuilder from Czech Republic Lukas Osladil

Heavyweight Lukas Osladil lifts his way to the top in perfect balance

After coming in fourth place in his first championship in 1996, Zinzino Brand Ambassador Lukas Osladil has solidified his place as one of the world’s best bodybuilders. Each year marks a new award, as Lukas lifts his way to top position. A few of his ‘first place’ medals include Arnold Classic Brazil, Vancouver and Toronto Pro, and the IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro.


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BMX world champion and weightlifter from Australia Des'ree Barnes

Des’ree Barnes, world champion BMX racer, weightlifter and still in her teens

Des’ree Barnes defies all norms. When she was just six, she won her first Challenge Class World Title at the UCI BMX World Championship. Since then, ‘Desi Racer’, (a nickname she also took home) has gone on to win four world titles.


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Lithuanian Paralympic swimmer Edgaras Matakas

Blind swimmer Edgaras Matakas reaches gold by self-orienting, both in the pool and life

At 17, Edgaras Matakas from Kaunas, Lithuania, became his nation’s first blind Paralympic swimmer just two years after completely losing his vision. When his eyes couldn’t guide him any longer, he found solace in the pool. To Edgaras, swimming became a feeling he couldn’t do without, and it powered him to freestyle his way to gold at the World Para-Swimming Championship.


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Professional strongman and second strongest man in the world, Morten Aamodt

Morten Aamodt, the 2nd naturally strongest man in the world, "feels the difference" with Zinzino

There’s a surprising natural aspect to strongmen. Unlike bodybuilding, which is focused on bulked up, aesthetic appeal and a lot of oiled-arm flexing, being a strongman and the naturally strongest man in the world is about physical strength – who can lift the most, not who looks best on a podium.


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Latvian jet ski racer and 2018 world champion Krista Uzare

The world champion jet skier, Krista Uzare

A world champion jet skier would be close to the top of the ‘world’s coolest jobs’ list. Latvia’s Krista Uzare started aquabike racing with the encouragement of her Dad, himself a ski champion. Since 2010, Krista’s competed all over the world’s oceans. At just 25, her success is a testament to a formidable ‘can-do’ attitude.


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Triathlete and now triathlon personal trainer and lecturer Clas Björling

Ain’t no mountain high enough for professional triathlon & adventure racer, Clas Björling

For some athletes, choosing one interest to pursue isn’t easy. Take Clas Björling and his love for cycling, swimming and running. A 30-kilometer cross country running race here… a 90-kilometer ski race there… swimming in open water for three kilometers and cycling for 300. That’s what ignites Clas, a professional triathlon and adventure racer.


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Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå, winner of a gold medal at the 2004 Olympic Games and 10-times World Champion

19-time mountain bike race gold-medal winner, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå has climbed the mountain when it comes to a professional athlete’s dream: an Olympic Games gold medal. She’s been riding since six years of age – a love which transitioned into mountain biking at 22. For Gunn-Rita, her career goes beyond her love for the sport with an admiration for the mountains being her natural fuel.


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Professional K1 Thaiboxer Rain Brandt

Pro Thai boxer Rain Brandt fights with optimism (and Zinzino)

Professional fighting isn’t a sport that’s particularly kind to the body. But for eternal optimist and pro Thai boxer, Rain Brandt, the best way to avoid injuries is eating well and taking the right products.


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Alpine skier Sara Hector, winner of five World Championships and two Olympic Games

Sara Hector's career-saving experience with Zinzino

As one of the top 10 alpine skiers in the world, Sara Hector’s career had nearly came to a premature end. At 27, she was on top of the mountain with a string of awards, including five World Championships and two consecutive Olympic Games.


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Jernej Simončič, professional sim racer from Slovenia.

How to make the A-list of E-sport race car driving by Jernej Simončič

While the rest of the world was slowing down, Slovenian e-sportsman Jernej Simončič did the opposite, speeding into #1 Formula Sim Racing World Champion position. His long track record of driving feats embodies a new kind of athlete, especially in the “everything is remote” era. Although Jernej isn’t physically bumping against other cars, racing around a circuit, he needs the same amount of mental stamina and agility that accelerates his mind into balance.


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