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Supplements for growing superheroes

The fun and functional way to safeguard your kids’ nutritional needs.

Supplements for growing superheroes

The fun and functional way to safeguard your kids’ nutritional needs.

Chewable multivitamins

16 essential nutrients in one tutti frutti flavored, sugar-free supplement.

BalanceTest + BalanceOil

Reveal and restore your kids' essential Omega-3 levels.

Tutti frutti flavored Omega-3

Easy-to-swallow formula with specific dosage recommendations.

Here's some peace of mind!

Up to 50% of the food we eat today is ultra-processed with poor nutritional quality. Navigating what your children want to eat, need to eat and actually do eat is no easy task. Our supplements help you bridge the nutritional gap and create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Proof in writing

Multify is certified by The Vegan Society and Informed Sport. The ingredients in both supplements offer different health benefits approved by the EU and assessed by EFSA, The European Food Safety Authority.

The Vegan Society

Informed Sport



A multi-immune supplement created by parents, backed by science, approved by kids.

The product at a glance

Insights from the expert

Carefully selected vitamins, minerals, beta-glucans and choline

Sugar-free, tutti frutti flavored

Supporting a normal immune system, growth and bone development

Multify is certified by The Vegan Society

Carefully selected, rigorously sourced ingredients

A unique, proprietary blend of 16 essential nutrients specially selected to support growing humans.



Essential Omega-3 screening for the entire family

Track your family’s individual needs and tailor the dosage accordingly.

• Personalized fatty acid profiles
• Different health markers to understand everyone’s nutritional needs
• Dosage recommendations based on fatty acid target values for children



Essential Omega-3 screening for the entire family

Track your family’s individual needs and tailor the dosage accordingly.

• Personalized fatty acid profiles
• Different health markers to understand everyone’s nutritional needs
• Dosage recommendations based on fatty acid target values for children

BalanceOil Tutti Frutti

Kid-friendly Omega supplement with specific dosage recommendations.

The product at a glance

Insights from the expert

Supports normal immune, eye and brain function

Easy-to-swallow formula

Age-specific dosage instructions

BalanceOil is certified by Friend of the Sea

An Omega-3 closer to oily fish than fish oil

Naturally engineered to manage your child’s essential Omega-3 levels with a game-changing blend of pure fish oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Get peace of mind in writing

The ingredients in our supplements for kids offer different health benefits. Read more about the health claims assessed by EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, and approved by EU, in each product’s fact sheet.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Yes. We recommend BalanceOil+ from the age of 2, while we recommend Multify from the age of 4.

While both BalanceOil+ and Multify support normal immune system, BalanceOil+ also supports  normal eye and brain function, and Multify supports growth and bone development in children.

No. The aroma we use in BalanceOil is liquid based, while in Multify the aroma is in powder form. They are both tutti frutti, but the aroma is not identical. There are notes of citrus, raspberries, juicy vanilla, banana, pear, lavender, and spearmint in BalanceOil Tutti Frutti. Multify tastes both sweet and sour; a sweet sensation that turns sour when you take the first bite.

Multify contains a proprietary blend of 16 essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, beta glucans and choline. While this unique formulation is specifically selected to contribute to normal immune system, growth, and bone development in children, it also provides support for the whole body throughout life and every member of the family.

Our team of scientists and formulation experts have carefully selected 16 essential nutrients that many children are at risk of not consuming enough of to meet their daily individual requirements. This is a consequence of our high intake of ultra-processed foods with typically poor nutrition quality. Children’s requirements of essential nutrients differ from adults’ and their requirements vary according to age and overall diet. Multify provides recommendation that allows families to supplement based on their child´s age and overall diet – which might differ between weeks and during the year.

BalanceOil Tutti Frutti is a great Omega-3 alternative for children who struggle with the taste and smell of fish. Since a considerable proportion of children can be oversensitive to a variety of fruits and berries, we wanted a flavor profile that is both tolerable and appealing. Tutti frutti is a well-known flavor profile that is both safe, familiar and allergy friendly.

Multify features a thoughtfully crafted blend of synthetic and natural ingredients, chosen with a dual focus on taste and quality. While not entirely comprised of all-natural components, this deliberate combination serves a crucial purpose. Our number one goal was to create a tasty chewable multivitamin that children look forward to taking every day. By incorporating synthetic ingredients alongside natural ones, we've overcome taste limitations often associated with certain natural compounds in chewable tablets. This meticulous approach ensures that Multify not only excites the taste buds but also delivers superior nutritional benefits, making it a standout choice in the multivitamin landscape.

No, the product is sugar free and does not negatively influence oral health. The sweeteners we use are a mix of stevia (natural), sucralose (synthetic) and xylitol (natural). All sweeteners used in Multify are deemed safe by regulatory authorities and are widely recognized and approved for use by major organizations such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Our number one goal with Multify was to produce a supplement that kids love and ask for every day. As such, the taste had to be amazing. We involved children in the development process, and they decided on the preferred combination and level of sweeteners. While we cannot disclose the exact contribution of each sweetener due to proprietary recipe details, the amount of the sweeteners is low. It is also important to note that EFSA has established upper limits for the use of stevia and sucralose in chewable food supplements, set at 0.18% and 0.24% respectively. Multify contains less than these specified amounts for each respective sweetener and the amounts of the sweeteners represent a fraction of their respective ADI.

Whether you are giving supplement to a child or taking it as an adult, we always recommend to start any supplement routine with a BalanceTest to guide you forward with specific dosage instructions. Do not overdose. We recommend 0.20 ml/kg bodyweight for children aged 2-10 years with a maximum limit of 40 kg. If you are not within this description, keep to 0.15 ml/kg but you should always let the BalanceTest decide if the dosage fit you. 

When supplementing with Omega-3, children need dosage recommendations based on their unique fatty acid profile in order to fulfill their nutritional needs. A weight chart is not enough as a guide. Individual factors such as age, weight, stomach acid, gene type and even certain allergies impact Omega-3 absorption. Children have a different physiological makeup than adults with a higher rate of metabolism, an immature immune system and faster cell division, all of which impact their overall Omega ratio and fatty acid profile. You can’t draw a reasonable conclusion on what is your child’s optimal omega-3 blood level without knowing their starting and ending Omega-3 levels. Only a scientific fatty acid blood test can provide that. Our BalanceTest is the first Omega fatty acid measurement tool that accounts for these differences for children up to 10 years, based on kids´ Omega target values. The detailed readings from the BalanceTest are revealed in  a set of different health markers to help parents understand their children’s unique nutritional needs, track their supplementation intake and tailor the dosage accordingly.

Choline is an essential nutrient naturally found in foods such as egg, chicken, broccoli, and salmon. It used to be classified as a vitamin B4. Our bodies are only able to make choline in small amounts and it is often difficult to meet our individual requirements. Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (2023) identified children, pregnant and nursing women as more vulnerable groups to choline deficiency, which is why we decided to include this nutrient to Multify.

The body needs choline to synthesize phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin, two major phospholipids vital for cell membranes. It is also required to produce acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter for memory, mood, muscle control, and other basic functions. Choline is involved in many processes in the body, including cell structure, cell messaging, fat transport and metabolism, DNA synthesis, and maintaining a healthy nervous system.

The Multify tablet is probably one of the market's smallest chewables. It is shaped like a tiny button and safer than bigger sized tablets or gummies! Combined with its chewy texture, we wanted Multify to be very easy for children to chew and digest.

Yes, Multify is 100 % vegan and the product is certified by The Vegan Society.

Multify is gluten-free. Please, consult your child’s doctor (pediatrician) with any questions regarding supplementation for children with specific dietary needs.

This product can be consumed from the age of 4, and throughout life. We have specific recommendations for children 4-11 years, adolescents from 12 -18 years and for adults above 18 years.

No. It is a chewable tablet, so you can either just let it dissolve in your mouth, or you can chew it.

We want families to decide when to take the supplement and find the best time to get the child to participate in their own health and start taking the chewable on their own accord. We do recommend taking the supplement with a meal, preferably while you’re taking BalanceOil too.


Multify does not contain iron because it can pose a risk of toxicity if consumed in excess, and it significantly affects the taste of the product. We also excluded magnesium to ensure safe dosage control and because we wanted a small chewable tablet. Adding magnesium would have increased the size considerably. Children often get sufficient magnesium through their diet, and avoiding its inclusion in our chewable vitamins prevents the risk of excessive intake, which can lead to gastrointestinal issues. Additionally, like iron, magnesium can influence the taste, which is an important consideration for products intended for children.

We have included Quatrefolic in Multify. A part of the world population is unable to assimilate and metabolize folic acid from food or supplements and turn to reduced folate supplementation. As such, Quatrefolic stands out for its remarkable bioavailability and stability. It is readily absorbed in the body, ensuring optimal effectiveness and substantial benefits for all individuals. Quatrefolic is especially advantageous for people with specific genetic variations that may impact folate metabolism. This inclusive approach to folate supplementation ensures that Multify meets diverse needs, delivering reliable and effective results.

The reason why individual quantities of these ingredients are not listed is because all sweeteners are written together and combined for their total amount. If they were listed individually, sucralose and stevia would have been at the end of the ingredient list.

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