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The all-natural spring-clean for your body

Meet the cutting-edge of innovation in food supplements. ZinoGene+ is a complex, proprietary blend rich in polyphenols. A fusion of seaweed fucoidans, curcumin, quercetin, fisetin, piperine, vitamin C, and zinc that supports DNA synthesis and aids cell division like a deep-clean, or a spring-clean for your body.

Content: 30 tablets

Food Supplement

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Key benefits
  • DNA synthesis1
  • Cell division2
  • Protection from oxidative stress3,4
Nutrition value
Serving size: 1 tablet  Amount per Serving:
Curcumin extract 200 mg
   of which total curcuminiods 170 mg
Quercetin 125 mg
Fucoidan 125 mg
Fisetin 25 mg
Piperine 1,25 mg
Vitamin C 12 mg     (15%)*
Zinc 1,5 µg     (15%)*

*RV = reference value  



Bulking agent (sorbitol), curcumin extract (Curcuma longa)*, blend of quercetin (from pagoda tree (Sophora japonica)*, from onion extract (Allium cepa)* and Quercefit™ phospholipid complex (Sophora japonica)), fucoidan wakame extract (Undaria Pinnatifida)*, vitamin C from acerola extract (Malpighia glabra)*, blend of fisetin (from smoke tree extract (Cotinus coggygria)* and strawberry extract (Fragaria ananassa Duchesne))*, anti-caking agents (stearic acid, rice concentrate, pregelatinzed starch from maize), zinc (zinc bisglycinate chelate)*, black pepper extract as Bioperine® (Piper nigrum)*. *Non-EU origin

Curcumin extract
With its bright yellow color, curcumin is the cornerstone in the ZinoGene+ formulation. As a member of the ginger family, curcumin is produced by plants of the Curcuma longa species. Historically, curcumin has been used in India for thousands of years, both as a spice and as part of their Ayurvedic traditions. Today, it is widely used all around the globe in supplements, cosmetics, food flavoring, and food coloring. There are many different curcumin extracts on the market, but there is a considerable variance when it comes to their bioavailability, and as such they differ a lot when it comes to how much of the ingredient wields an active effect. The curcumin extract that makes it into our products is very carefully selected and provides a full spectrum of curcuminoids. We have chosen the global award-winning ingredient HydroCurc®, which is the world´s most bioavailable curcumin. This means enhanced absorption, and consequently improved efficacy and functionality.

Quercetin is a natural pigment present in many fruits, vegetables and grains. It has antioxidant properties and belongs to a subgroup of polyphenols called flavonoids. It is estimated that the average person consumes 10–100 mg of it daily through food sources such as onions, apples, capers, berries, broccoli, citrus fruits, cherries, coffee, grapes, green tea, and red wine.
Important to note, is that the amount of quercetin in foods may depend on the conditions in which the food was grown. As such, in order to optimize bioavailability and functionality, we have made our own proprietary blend of quercetin using three different ingredients from two different plant sources: the pagoda tree, and onions. As always, the quality of our ingredients is every bit as important as the quantity, and this has remained our priority when it comes to the sources of quercetin we have selected for this formulation.

Brown seaweed contains an element called fucoidan. Fucoidans from seaweed are non-stick compounds (think of them as the biological equivalent of Teflon). They are found in various species of brown algae and are located in the cell walls of the seaweed plant serving to protect it from external stress.
The nutritional properties of fucoidans are nothing new. Historically, fucoidan-containing seaweed have been used in ancient traditions for thousands of years. In fact, the earliest records of its use are dated back to 12000BC, where archaeological digs at Monte Verde in Chile have uncovered evidence of their use.
Today, fucoidans are being incorporated as high value ingredients in nutritional products. We know that quality and price vary considerably among the different suppliers and have chosen to apply an exclusive fucoidan ingredient in our ZinoGene+.

Recommended daily dosage: 
Adults: Take 1 tablet daily. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.
Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

Please consult your doctor before taking this product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or using blood-thinners.

Dry at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.
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