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Revolutionizing Olive Oil

Nature’s liquid gold in a bottle. Capture the essence of the Mediterranean diet with our exclusive, proprietary extra virgin olive oil with pre-harvest Koroneiki olives from Cyprus. An aromatic, potent and truly revolutionary addition to any meal thanks to the extremely powerful concentration of bioactive antioxidants from polyphenols, 30 times higher than regular olive oil, which help protect the fatty acids in your blood from oxidative stress.


Content: 250 ml

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Key benefits
  • Revolutionary Extra Virgin Olive Oil (R.E.V.O.O)
  • Up to 30 times higher polyphenol content compared to ordinary olive oil
  • Made with ancient principles’ re-thought, redesigned and rebuilt
  • The fuller spectrum of natural bio-active compounds locked in an Omega-9 Oil
  • Certified Koroneiki olives from orchards owned by multi-generational farmers free any use of fertilizers or pesticides
  • Pressed with patented process and apparatus. Nutraceuticals are protected and collected in every drop
Nutrition Infomation
Serving size                                          

Average Quantity 15 mL 100mL
Energy 122 kcal 815 kcal
Energy 511 kJ 3409 kJ
Total Fat 13,7 g 91,3 g
Of which
2,4 g 15,78 g
 -Monounsaturated 9,8 g 65,42 g
 -Polyunsaturated 1,5 g 10,10 g
Protein 0 g  0 g
Cholesterol 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 0 g 0 g
Sodium/Salt 0 g 0 g
Polyphenols 38,2 mg 255 mg
 -Of which tyrosol or derivatives 8 mg 53,5 mg
 -Of which hydroxolturosol or derivatives 7,4 mg 49,2 mg



Extra virgin olive oil.

R.E.V.O.O is here for you to indulge and enjoy alone by spoonful or with almost any daily meal. Why not take a table spoon a day, around 15 ml, to get your daily intake of that Mediterranean goodness naturally produced by the olive tree. We also recommend having your dose poured on top of almost any dish like a green salad, fish, vegetables, pasta, cold meats, soup or whatever you might prefer and turn your meal into a healthy polyphenol-packed experience.

Introducing revolutionary.Extra. Virgin.Olive.Oil R.E.V.O.O
R.E.V.O.O is exclusively made from Koroneiki olives. Down to the molecular level, it is a truly revolutionary high Phenolic extra virgin olive oil with an unparalleled concentration of the important phytonutrients including polyphenols, in fact up to 30 times higher than standard extra virgin olive oils. R.E.V.O.O also has a fuller spectrum of other important nutraceutical bio-active compounds like maslinic acid, squalene, vitamin E, when compared to standard extra virgin olive oils. The olives are harvested from organic olive trees because these olive trees naturally produce more phytoalexins i.e. plant defense compounds to build their immunity and defense against biotic (living insects etc) and abiotic (climatic UV / environmental pollutants ets) attacks. These bio-active defense chemicals make the olive tree a champion of tree-longevity and hence protect the tree and its fruits. These same bioactive compounds and are important for human health too. The new patented technology used to press R.E.V.O.O is purposely designed and built so that the fullest spectrum and maximum level of the nutraceutical compounds and beautiful aromatics are protected and collected in every drop at revolutionary high levels. Much of these sought-after compounds are normally lost or greatly reduced by most standard olive oil pressing methods.

The R.E.V.O.O process
Like every natural product, R.E.V.O.O starts in the the orchards but it’s the process that makes this high phenolic olive oil exceptional. Before pressing, the harvested olives are selected so that only the healthy olives are pressed. Twigs and leaves are cleaned out. Then the olives are thoroughly washed ensuring all environmental surface contaminants are removed. The pressing: R.E.V.O.O oil is purely mechanically pressed under cold-pressed processing conditions. The difference is the radically re-thought ‘enclosed & continuous’ system into which NO additional process aids, such as water, are added. Also, because the process is continuous and not batch-pressed, all critical process conditions are continuously monitored, controlled, and optimized to maximize natural enzymatic reactions: totally unique! Most standard extra virgin olive oil systems, adding process aids like water and allowing uncontrolled air (20% Oxygen) into the process causes instant damage by oxidation and hydrolysis which greatly reduce the potency of nutraceuticals and dramatically decreases shelf life. Not so in the R.E.V.O.O process. Every stage of the R.E.V.O.O process has been rethought and designed to gently and effectively capture the goodness inherent in olives. Olives contain two liquids, olive juice-water and olive oil. The R.E.V.O.O process uses gentle natural forces and advanced sensing technology to continuously separate the olive oil from the olive water. This part of the process is so efficient that the oil has zero- emulsified water content, has an exceptionally long shelf life, is ready for bottling within 48-hours and has a unique light mouth feel. Compare this to the standard process of centrifugation which molecularly infuses water into the oil. This takes months to be removed before bottling and causes damage by hydrolysis, ‘washes out’ valuable phytochemicals and greatly reduces potency and stay-fresh time. Every step in the process plays a key role in reaching this revolutionary grade of olive oil. The result is a superior product in every recognized high-quality characteristic. For example, the acidity and peroxide values are low (0,32%) and stay low for an exceptionally long time. This makes REVOO stay very aromatic and fresh far longer than standard olive oil, making sure you, the consumer, get optimum phytochemicals and enjoyment in every serving of every bottle.
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Revolutionary Extra Virgin Olive Oil with up to 30 times higher polyphenol content compared to ordinary olive oil
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