Jan Mikael Granner

Zinzino Independent Partner

Welcome! I'm your independent consultant, here to guide you on your health journey. Let me know what you need!

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Digital Tool Kit

The kit includes all handy Partner digital tools: GoCore, Zinzino Mobile and Zinzino HUB. You can subscribe to the kit to have monthly access to all tools or to purchase it as a single item to access for 1 month.

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Zinzino GoCore App
It's a personal development tool and educational platform. Get access to more than 1200 motivational audio and video files by a swipe of a finger!

Zinzino Hub
Take your business to the next level and get access to a sales tool. It is a contact management system that provides a lead generating mechanism with a use of your personal landing pages.

Zinzino Mobile App
Mobile prospecting tool with an inbuilt predictive action engine. It also provides you with all the text and image content you need to share and present to your potential customers.

User guide for Zinzino Mobile App

1. Download the App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
2. Click "CREATE PASSWORD" and in the next page enter your Partner ID and click "GET CODE "
3. You will receive a password reset code via email sent to the address registered under your Partner ID
4. Go back to the App, enter the code, Create a new password, log in and watch the Welcome video by Ørjan Saele


Ball pens with blue ink.
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32 blank pages, with contact and follow up list.
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