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It started with a goal. A slight edge success story!

In 1998 I started my dream job, a job I loved, as an alarm technician. But, when we received our third child in 2004, my wife Lene and I started to talk about how we wanted our life to be. As most parents, we wanted more time with our kids, Lene also had the desire to continue to be a stay-at-home mom while our kids were small. Because my salary was too low at the time, I started to look for something that could generate extra income for our family.

In 2005, the opportunity with Zinzino came, and I decided to give myself a year to earn enough extra income so we could afford Lene to continue to stay at home with the kids.

In January 2007, the same time we received our fourth child, I had reached a level of commission from Zinzino that enabled us to reach our first goal. That changed everything, our fear had been that every morning would be a rush to meet all the deadlines. Now, we could enjoy being a family and the mornings were a favorite part of our day, they were peaceful moments we enjoyed together with our four precious children. READ MORE »


A real struggle to victory story!
Told from my heart...

When I got started with Zinzino in 2012, my story was that I had been a serial entrepreneur for 13 years. During 2011 I was going through 2 bankruptcies. I was hundreds of thousands of euros in debt and my monthly expenses were way above what I could finance. On top of that my relationship with my fiancé, Anita, was on the verge of ending and we were separated living at two different addresses.

Beginning of June 2011 I went to my first Zinzino presentation. My good friend, Manu Rekola, decided that this would be the opportunity that would change his family’s finances and he was confident and determined to build a big business both in Finland and globally. His contagious energy made my answer simple.

I borrowed money from my aunt to get started and when I joined my only focus was to pay her off within my first 30 days. After reaching that, my next focus was to help my friends do the same. I remember being awake at night dreaming about: If I only could reach the Zinzino rank Crown - that would give me enough income to be able to break even. At the same time I understood that a 1000 km run starts with the first step. READ MORE »


Love and care. Step by step.

After being an entrepreneur for over a decade and going through an amazing growth season with my construction company, I suddenly found myself struck with by a huge decrease in finances when the financial crisis hit Norway in 2008. At the same time Kine struggled with health problems as she’s had arthritis since adolescence. Her health was now getting so bad that she did not have the capacity to work full time.

After working long days in Oslo, commuting many hours to and from work, I was exhausted and realized I needed a change. I felt my life was empty and only consisted of work and my daily commute, my frustration was high and I was not my usual self.

I remember late one evening Kine and I had a talk, we desperately needed a change and we wanted our life back. My “aha” moment came when my wife suddenly said,“ Øyvind, I want my husband back.” The truth is, she was spot on, I wanted myself back. I wanted my life to give me more meaning and to inspire me more than just running back and forth to meet financial deadlines. READ MORE »


The journey has just started.
We have lots more to do!

After 20 years working as an Orthoptist at a hospital in Sweden, I suddenly realized I was not living my dream. During my 10 years, I absolutely loved what I was doing, but for every year that passed the stress increased. Every day my lists of patients increased and every day I felt I had less time per patient. On top of that I felt I wasn’t paid what I knew I was worth. My spare time was limited and my energy levels low. I desperately wanted to get more and give more. In 2005, I found the solution, I was introduced to Zinzino and I knew it was an opportunity to do something new for myself, in a team, where I could develop my skills and increase my paycheck.

After 17 years as an accountant I sold my firm in 2006. The first 10 years were inspiring, but, then I became sick and tired of working 60-100 hours a week during spring, the best of the year! My plan was to create a passive income by developing my real estate business and to learn more about investments. After a few years, my education within investments became quite an expensive learning experience. It was extremely tough to go through, but at the same time, I would not take it back for anything because it gave me an extraordinary opportunity to practice my financial survival skills. READ MORE »


We really want to help people get more spare time and live a healthy life!

In 2011 I was working as a Sales Director in a media and advertisement company, as an employee looking for a change to become a full-time entrepreneur.

Zinzino was introduced to me and I actually said ‘no thank you’ five times, before I finally did my research about the company, and understood that this was an opportunity to pursue and that I should at least give it a try. One of the biggest changes in my life after Zinzino was introduced to me, is how I have grown as a person. Nowadays I hear people close to me saying that I have become a better friend, husband, father and business leader.

I was working in a kindergarten and worked too much, but I didn’t earn enough money. I also wanted to spend more time with my own child. At this time, we had a normal family situation where we didn’t have that much spare time or extra money to travel. I was introduced to Zinzino in 2011, but I was very sceptic in the beginning. However, in 2012 I decided to start working full time with this business, since I had seen what Zinzino really was all about after watching my husband work there for 9 months. READ MORE »