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Brand Ambassadors • 02 September 2021 • 3 min

The road cycling star’s new Omega-6:3 ratio is one of her greatest wins

By Zinzino

Meet Norway’s poster woman for road cycling. Ingvild Brattekleiv placed 6th in the Norwegian championship in street racing in 2019. This 29-year-old adventurer is one of those special souls who belongs in the great outdoors. But she can’t be shoe-boxed into just one category. Some of the many hats (actually, helmets) she wears include ‘personal trainer’, ‘sports scientist’, and Zinzino advocate.

What awards and recognition have you received?

Some of my absolute highlights include 2nd place in the Norwegian Championship Team Spirit velodrome and the U6 Cycle Tour Sweden, both in 2015, and 8th place overall in the Norwegian Cup in 2018 (throughout the year).

Ingvild is most proud of her achievements within the Norwegian National Team. The 2018 World Tour in Sweden, the Lotto Belgium Tour, and the Elsy Jacob’s Festival in particular. Looking ahead, Ingvild has three goals for 2021: The Podium Norwegian Championships, hit top three overall in the Norwegian Cup and secure a contract with a professional team.

Can you tell us about any challenges you’ve faced?

I have always found it challenging to have enough energy in everyday life, as I have had to balance studying full-time and competing at elite levels in sports. I’m now convinced that proper nutrition is the key to staying healthy. Recovery is just as important as exercise, both of which Zinzino products help me with. I enjoy noticeably more energy and my results have improved (in training and competitions).


Did your initial Omega-6:3 ratio surprise you? Has it changed from your first reading?

Before taking BalanceOil+, the extent of my knowledge was ‘fish is good for you.’ Had I known how important the Omega-6:3 ratio is, I would have started taking this product a long time ago. My first test results were pretty bad, which surprised me. Even as a regular fish eater, my fatty acid profile wasn’t in balance, nor did I have enough micronutrients in my cells. My first ratio was 8:1 but within four months of using BalanceOil+, I got it down to the 2:1. This is within the 1:1 to 3:1 ideal range. I couldn’t believe it!

How did you first hear about Zinzino?

I learned about Zinzino from my acupuncturist, when my energy was at its lowest.

What Zinzino products do you currently use?

I use BalanceOil+, ZinoBiotic+, Xtend+ and the Skin Serum. These Zinzino products cover my requirement for extra micronutrients, as I’m constantly training. I also have a celiac disease and I’ve found these products really help my energy levels.

Tell us about your performance since using Zinzino?

It’s so great! I haven’t had a cold since I started taking BalanceOil+. I also haven’t missed a training session. This is very unusual for me. During my workouts, I have more energy and my performance is better across the board.

Why should people think about taking BalanceOil+?

If you’re looking for something to help you get healthy, keep your body happy and give you the energy to do the things you want in life, take BalanceOil+.


Are these products just for athletes?

I believe everyone can benefit from using Zinzino’s products. If there’s one dietary supplement I would recommend above all, it’s BalanceOil+. The Omega-6:3 ratio is something we all need to rebalance.

Explain your experience with Zinzino in one sentence.

More energy, a body that’s in balance, and a life that’s healthy.

Continue learning about Ingvild’s journey with Zinzino on Instagram and Facebook. Visit her Wikipedia and view her previous race results on the thesports and the firstcycling.