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Health • 21 December 2022 • 3 min

Healthy new year’s resolutions to start 2023

By Zinzino

Balance is the key to good health and life satisfaction. Too much of anything can throw your well-being off-kilter (and we’re not just talking about food). As you spend time mapping out your New Year’s resolutions, use the ‘wheel of life’ (goals wheel) to achieve balance across all the important parts of your life.

Define your new intentions by grouping them in the following categories: Health, relationships, career, personal growth, finances, creativity, fun, and physical environment.

You can think about each category through the lens of wellness, even beyond your health goals. Make 2023 the year you prioritize health in everything you do – nourishing relationships, work-life balance, growing assets, emotional and spiritual advancement, and routines that help you live well.  


New habits for the new year

To set yourself new intentions for the year ahead, it’s important to look back on 2022. What went well and what didn’t? What do you value right now? What does your dream life look like? What will help you move towards this long-term vision? What’s an ongoing struggle and who can support your growth in this area?

Settle into this state of reflection so when you start to map your new habits, you’re not flying blind.

There are a multitude of habits to implement if you’re looking how to be healthier. Self-awareness will guide you to choosing the habits that will support your new goals. Let’s say one of your intentions is to lose 10 pounds. Pick a few habits that’ll serve as the bridge by which you’ll get there. For example, ‘get 10,000 steps per day’ and ‘cook 80% meals, buy 20%’.

New year’s food for health, wealth and happiness 

When it comes to your health intentions, having clear nutrition goals will help you look and feel great. Eat to power your body and practice mindfulness as you’re cooking, eating, and sharing food.

Determine your personal dietary needs. Know what to watch out for and eat more of. Use the turn of the year to get your vitamins and minerals checked, and your Omega-6:3 ratio.

Get a fatty acid blood test to see if you need to add more omega-3 fatty acids to your daily routine. ‘Design’ your healthy eating plan around all these varying factors. It doesn’t have to be rigid or unattainable – just set some intentions and boundaries to guide your eating.

For example, create a ‘favorites’ food list, have your go-to recipes, choose the times of day you’ll eat, and how often you cook vs. eating out. Expect these guidelines to change as your routines and requirements do – they’re just guideposts to move you to your goal.

New year fitness goals 

The second pillar of your health goals is fitness. Once you define what your health intention is, you can attach habits to help you reach it. Your fitness habits should promote the activities you enjoy the most – whether that’s the gym, fitness classes, walking, hiking, swimming, weights, or personal training. Pick one to three fitness habits. For example, ‘choose 3 exercises to do per week’ and ‘go on one nature hike per month’.


Happy & healthy new year tips

Of course, there are many other ways to invest in your wellbeing. Spend more time with family and friends, practice gratitude, meditate, get quality sleep, go on a digital detox, process unresolved emotions with a therapist, eat whole foods, use natural products, invest in learning, volunteer, and find purpose.

Taking care of yourself first

A self-care plan isn’t only beneficial for your mental and emotional health. It’ll enable you the space and awareness to prioritize what’s most important. At the start of the year, it’s tempting to overload yourself with goals. Daily meditation, reflection and ‘white space’ can allow you to recalibrate and recenter.

Alongside nutrition and exercise, set self-care habits that target your overarching goals. This doesn’t mean you have to dedicate hours to the yoga mat every day – it might simply be setting aside a night or afternoon to yourself each week. Take a bath, read a book, invest in a hobby, get a massage, and do whatever calms your nervous system.

While setting your new year health resolutions happens in January, it’s necessary to check in every month (as they’ll undoubtedly change). See them as guideposts, rather than fixed structures to determine your success. Reflect on your progress and, above all, enjoy the journey!