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Health • 05 March 2020 • 2 min

The link between stress, fatigue & aging

By Zinzino

In conversations about aging, exposure to harmful UV rays and poor lifestyle choices usually top the list of culprits. But there’s one cause that’s under-reported: stress and aging. Emotional distress speeds up cellular aging. In other words, stress makes us old.

According to experts, when we’re experiencing chaos, it creates a flight or fight reaction in the body, which releases stress chemicals. These chemicals (cortisol and adrenaline) lead to biological changes, accelerating stress and aging. While beneficial short-term, providing energy and focus, too much stress over time can throw our systems off-kilter.

Stress speeds up the clock.

Yes, stress does add years to the age of individual system cells. As a cell divides, telomeres in the cells get a little shorter, and when it becomes too small, it no longer divides (and unable to replenish itself). This is the process of aging.

But don’t worry! There’s plenty you can do.

Okay, so maybe the fountain of youth is a myth. There’s a lot you can do to reduce the chaos that stress brings to your body. It’s best to think of it like a two-pronged approach: with internal and external strategies.

Invest in stress management strategies to manage both mental and emotional upheaval. This includes regular exercise, a balanced diet (low in energy-spiking sugar), yoga and meditation, journaling, and being part of a community.

Pair these strategies with anti-aging products like Zinzino’s Skin Serum. This isn’t any other cream you’ll find like in this category. It helps to modify aging systematically, by improving the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) – the fine mesh of microfibers that empowers the skin.

You can also settle unnerving butterflies with supportive supplements such as Viva+. Packed with natural energy-boosting vitamins and other botanical ingredients, Viva helps relieve normal stress and promotes a positive mood.

Dig down into the root of the stress.

While it’s good to educate yourself on the common causes of stress (and the supportive products that can help improve daily life), take the time to explore what might be triggering your worries.

Is it work or a relationship? Concerns about a past event or anxiety around an unknown future? Is your diet off or you’re not sleeping enough? Understand that what you’re experiencing is related to your lifestyle or more of a mental issue, and that you can manage it through cognitive strategies.

Don’t allow stress and anxiety to override your life. Yes, it’s more common in modern life, but it doesn’t need to invade yours.

Life is too short.