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We believe in our products. But the greatest gift is the feedback from our customers.
Here are some personal results after using the Zinzino product

”As a health coach I thought I was eating healthy...”

”...but my first test was very disappointing. After achieving balance, I notice a big difference not only on my hair and skin but in my energy, my muscle recovery, my joints, and so much more.” - Julieta

test 1 21,9:1; test 2 3,6:1

Test 1: 21,9:1
Test 2: 3,6:1

The test proves that it works

All my life I have made healthy- and home cooked food. I have also used different fish oils. I took my first test in Oct. 2012 and have used the BalanceOil ever since. I am very happy about the products and the test proves that it works. - Raisa, Finland

Test 1: 4.6:1 Test 2: 2.7:1

Test 1: 4.6:1
Test 2: 2.7:1

I have more energy!

Since I started to use BalanceOil I have felt great. My energy levels are up and I feel my immune system is stronger. Genetically my family has suffered a lot with heart conditions and I am happy to add a product to my diet that is good for the heart. I am very satisfied with Zinzino BalanceOil.
- Arja, Finland

Test 1: 7.9:1, Test 2: 2.9:1

Test 1: 7.9:1
Test 2: 2.9:1

”As a professional dancer...”

"...I have always had a strong focus on eating healthy. After achieving balance I can keep my concentration longer and my muscle recovery after working out is going a lot faster” - Daniel

test 1 6,3:1 ; test 2 2,4:1

Test 1: 6,3:1
Test 2: 2,4:1


Now I know that BalanceOil* really works, and that gives me a peace of mind and something to be proud of! - Karla, USA/Denmark

Test 1: 34.4:1 Test 2: 2.9:1

Test 1: 34.4:1
Test 2: 2.9:1

Balance Oil has been so important to me

When I took my first BalanceTest I was not feeling my best. My energy levels were low and I was looking for a solution. I will forever be grateful for this product and will continue to apply it to my diet. If you haven´t tried the Balance product, I strongly recommend it. - Aina, Norway

Test 1: 12.4:1 Test 2: 2.0:1

Test 1: 12.4:1
Test 2: 2.0:1

”I have been suffering all my life from very dry skin, but after getting in balance my skin feels smooth and hydrated!”

In addition my immune system, joint and muscle function is better, and I restitute a lot faster after exercise!” Vinzent - Vinzent

test 1 (8,5:1) test 2 (1,4:1)

Test 1: 8.5:1
Test 2: 1.4:1

My test results came as an enormous surprise TO ME

My test-result really surprised me. After using the oil for 120 days I took my second test and my balance was now 2.5:1 - Henrik, Sweden

Test 1: 16:1 Test 2: 2.5:1

Test 1: 16:1
Test 2: 2.5:1

helps me to recover

In a long and physical demanding ice hockey season, BalanceOil helps me to recover better after training and matches as well as helping my concentration to be optimal at all times. - Thomas, Norway

Test 1: 7:1 Test 2: 2:1

Test 1: 7:1
Test 2: 2:1


Miravex Ltd. in Lithuania performed a skin analysis by a 3D imaging technology of facial skin. The measurements were performed on the person’s cheek area. Changes in pore size, pigmentation, and redness were among the parameters measured. The person applied Zinzino Skin Serum two times per day, and the measurements were performed at the beginning of the application period; 11th of August 2016 and the second measurement on 13th of October 2016. The results show that the volume of the pores decreased 47% in size. The pigmentation of the skin in the area measured also decreased by 11%. Redness of the skin also decreased by 9%.

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zk 8/11/2016 12:57 Colour variation = 3.8

zk 10/13/2016 07:59 Colour variation = 3.4


zk 8/11/2016 12:57 Colour variation = 3.8

zk 10/13/2016 07:59 Colour variation = 3.4


zk 8/11/2016 12:57 Average level = 1.364 Variation = 0.163

zk 10/13/2016 07:59 Average level = 1.244 Variation = 0.111


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During the last 10 years I have had severe skin problems. On several occasions I have gone to dermatologists, herbalists and homeopaths that have tried to help me without success. My skin condition affected my self-esteem a lot and when my skin problems were at the peak I never went out of the house without wearing make up. In October 2016 I decided to try something new - the Zinzino Skin Serum. I apply it sparingly on my face and neck every morning and evening. After 2 months of use the results turned out fantastic. The results still remain as good and I will forever be grateful and continue to use it.

Haldora, 23 years


The Zinzino Skin Serum really works for me! I started using the serum 6 weeks ago and it has already reduced fine lines and wrinkles and I experience an improvement of the overall quality of my skin. I am very happy about the result so far.

Anette - Sweden