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Breakout Sessions

Join one of our five special & exhilarating Breakout Sessions delivered by some of our Top Leaders who will share their experience and provide you with essential knowledge! The Breakout Sessions will take place during the Tuesday Conference Day.

Note that only mainroom will be translated. The session with most registrations will be translated. We will inform about which one during the first conference day. 

Our speakers

Royal Ambassador Michael Stüttler

Social Media Recruiting
How to find new prospects online and convert them into Zinzino Partners. How to find the right platform, build up a social media account, making new contacts, building relationship, inviting them to a First Look, Second Look, Follow Up and Closing.

Michael started during Covid and had to build everything via Social Media! How to build this business online.

Royal Ambassador Hakan Dalkilic

Raising Giants through a Clear Vision

Hakan had many challenges to evercome in his life but never gave up. How do you get the strenght and focus to keep on going.

Black Crown Kirsten Pearse

Preparing for Greatness
5 Key applicable lessons on how to prepare yourself to walk into your greatness.

Black Ambassador Vibecke Steinsvik-Parr

Rise as a Leader
The 10 steps to follow to turn your Dream into Reality.

Tools to develop your leadership capacity. How to prepare yourself for a leadership role and the importance of team leadership in a big organisation.

Elite President Peter Sørensen

Learn about the Secret Momentum Factor 4,5

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