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Health • Tuesday, January 12, 2021 • 4 min

Get personal with your supplements.

By Zinzino

It’s hard not to miss it. Everything has become personalized. Whether it’s a pair of customized Nike sneakers, personally recommended Netflix documentaries or devices that track where you go and how you’re doing at the same time. Not to mention restaurants that cater to our every dietary need. “The power of me” era is a sign of the times and we have become scrutinizing, seasoned shoppers who are no longer buying into the one-size-fits-all fix. Especially not when it comes to what we put in our bodies.

Time to get personal. And yes, that goes for your supplements too.

The personalized shopping experience is upon us and it’s a trend that is here to stay. A 2018 US study of consumer behavior showed that 80% of us are more likely to buy products marketed to meet our individual needs1, and it’s a shift that is symptomatic. We have been inundated by irrelevant, generic marketing messages for too long and effectively programmed to distrust brand lingo. Today, most of us will immediately see through the shop assistant’s sales pitch and make sure our purchases are approved by somebody whose opinion we really trust and value. Be it our uncle, girlfriend, favorite Instagram profile, tv-personality or even TikTok creator.

The direct, personal shopping experience is here to stay

Today, brands across all markets are beginning to cut out wholesalers and retailers in favor of speaking – and selling – directly to us, their highly valuable consumers. Nike is one of the leading brands to make this connection and the multinational corporation is now driving the trend (or rather sprinting ahead of it!)2 away from the conventional shopping experience by pushing a growing number of their products in dedicated, non-retail channels.

This is not a modern time phenomenon. Personalized shopping has been the foundation of the direct sales business model since long before the advent of internet. Pushing fifty plus years across all markets and sectors, direct sales are now considered the fastest growing method of distribution in the world3, poised to become a giant that will outgrow any other form of shopping. The secret? Simply steering away from anonymous retail environments and offering products and services from sales representatives in a trusted community that feels genuine and personal. And now, in the age of digitalization, that same personal service is available on online shopping platforms at the push of a button, a shift that is especially important within the field of health and wellness as the road to wellbeing is such a personal journey.

Any generic combos of vitamins won’t do the trick

We are bombarded with marketing messages on what to eat to lose weight and how to exercise to get fit and feel good. The choices are overwhelming and virtually impossible to sift through, always leaving us with the lingering question: “Will this make a real difference to my body, in my life?”

We are also growing increasingly aware of the fact that modern food is coming up short in providing us with necessary vitamins and minerals. Consequently, there is now a laser focus on where our food is sourced along with its nutritional content that has propelled the concept of nutrition into mainstream. Nowadays adding supplements to our diets is a normal everyday procedure to a lot of us. But, as our bodies are all set up differently, simply walking into a health food store and picking any odd jar with a generic combination of vitamins can be a very expensive and pointless experience. Supplements must be tailored towards our personal diets and habits, based on our particular lifestyles, needs and preferences.

Nature, science and technology working for you

Everything we consume is catered for our individual needs, and that goes with what we put in our mouths as well. Just like we are way past the time when we all gathered in front of the tv at night having to watch whatever was showing, we no longer need to settle for generic supplements that may or may not do the trick. This is the age of personalized nutrition where nature, science and technology work together to dictate what supplements we need on individual levels to manage our overall health and wellness4. It is a health trend that has turned into a virtual and global movement. A natural evolution of our steadily growing, health-conscious and very personal needs that is defining the era we live in.

The pioneers of test-based, personalized nutrition

So, how do we zero in on the best personal approach on nutrition for ourselves? There are a number of sophisticated, customized nutrition recommendations available on the market today, offering genetic testing, blood analysis and other methods for the purpose of personalized diet and nutrition advice. Zinzino is a global, direct sales company from Scandinavia that has already been doing this for years. Working within the new science of pharmaco-nutrition for close to a decade, they are considered pioneers in test-based nutrition, providing scientifically proven nutritional supplements that are taking the field of health and wellness to whole new, individual levels and into the future.

A step-by-step customized plan towards a healthier life

To this date, the company has performed close to 550 000 scientific blood tests across the globe, providing people with unique insights into their dietary habits and Omega-6:3 balance. The detailed readings from a self-administrated BalanceTest serve as a benchmark measure for a step-by-step, personalized nutrition plan that takes the guesswork out of a healthier way of living. The Zinzino Health Protocol is tailored towards your individual diet and lifestyle habits with carefully selected BalanceOil products that gently balance, restore and support your body from within. If you want to join their health movement and personalize your nutritional needs, here is your very own starting point where you can read learn all about their test-based nutritional supplements and how to start your personal journey towards a healthier life