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In 2009, Zinzino Nordic AB was acquired partly through a directed share issue to shareholders in Zinzino Nordic AB and partly through a subscription of shares in the preferential rights issue Zinzino Nordic AB carried out in December 2009. This gave Zinzino AB control over 97% of the votes and 92% of the capital in Zinzino Nordic AB. Up to December 31, 2014, ownership increased to 93%.


Zinzino AB’s business operations began in the fall of 2007. The principal activity of the company is to own and develop companies within direct marketing and related business activities.

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Dag Bergheim Pettersen

Born: 1970
Senior positions at El-giganten and Alcatel, and served as Senior Vice President of TeliaSonera subsidiary NetCom. Dag has extensive experience in strategic leadership in growth companies and has served as CEO of Zinzino since 2012.

Number of shares: 1,460,488 Class B shares
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Michael Perry

Born: 1953
Michael Perry has extensive experience in senior positions at a number of different companies. He has an MBA and has among other things, served in positions such as Sales Manager, Chief Operating Officer and CEO. He has vast experience with direct selling. Michael joined Zinzino LLC in March 2013 as COO for the American market.

Number of shares: 0 + 100,000 warrants
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Henrik Schultz
Product Manager

Born: 1961
Henrik Schultz has worked in senior positions for international and commercial companies for a long time. Essentially, he is an MBA and has held positions such as sales manager, marketing director and CEO. Zinzino hired Henrik in 2007 and was last employed at Libro Gruppen AB.

Number of shares: 55,000 Class B shares
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Fredrik Nielsen

Born: 1977
Fredrik Nielsen holds an MBA and has vast experience in senior positions in the financial management sector. Employed at Zinzino in 2009. Before that he was CFO for Gymnasium AB.

Number of shares: 45,000 Class B shares
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Jakob Spijker
VP Sales & Partner Relations

BORN: 1968
Jakob Spijker has held various roles in logistics, transport and warehousing, both in Sweden and in the Netherlands. He joined Zinzino in 2012. Before this, he was Head of Logistics at Mediatec Solutions AB.

Number of shares: 15,000 Class B shares
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Katriin Laanep
Head of Support

Born: 1973
Katriin has long experience in Customer Service and more than 10 years of experience from the Direct Sales industry. She started at Zinzino in 2012 as a support employee and later advanced to both the Director Support and the Leader Council Support department. Most previously she has worked as Partner Support Manager before being promoted to Head of Support, being responsible for the departments Customer Service, Partner-, Director- and Leader Council Support.
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Daniel Vennerstrand

Born: 1976
Daniel Vennerstrand holds a Master of Science in Computer Engineering and has worked with system development and management in software development since 2001. He has main experience in product companies, most recently at Intermail where he worked as Head of Development.
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Henrik Hammargren
Head of Business Control

Born: 1980
Henrik Hammargren - Head of Business Control, Henrik Hammargren is a business economist and has since 2006 been working as a Controller in senior positions at several companies, including Autoliv, Elanders and Resia. Employed at Zinzino since November 2018.

Number of shares: 0
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Gabriele Helmer

Born: 1977
Gabriele Helmer is an MSc in International Marketing and Economics and has since 2001 worked with marketing at several different companies, including Lufthansa, Beiersdorf, General Mills, Specsavers and has experience from the advertising industry. Employed at Zinzino since March 2019.

Number of shares: 2150 Class B-aktier
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Geir Smolan
MD Faun

Geir has an MSc in chemistry and has wide experience working with management systems for quality as well as food safety and health and safety. He has also authored several books in these fields. He joined Zinzino in 2014 as Quality manager and took over as CEO of Faun Pharma in September 201


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Hans Jacobsson

Born: 1967
MBA. Worked as CEO of Rootfruit Scandinavia AB. Formerly served, among other things, as Finance and Supply Chain Director for General Mills Scandinavia AB, Partner in CR&T Ventures (venture capital company in Buresfären) and Investment Manager in Investment AB Bure. Has extensive experience in acquisitions and divestments, stock exchange listings and structural transactions. In addition, he has extensive expertise in food and consumer products. Hans Jacobsson has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2007 and has served as Chairman since 2009.

Number of shares: 471,215 Class B shares
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Staffan Hillberg

Born: 1964
Studied Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and has an MBA from INSEAD. CEO of Wood & Hill Investment AB and CEO of the portfolio company, Heliospectra AB. He has extensive experience from international operational positions and from the financial sector. Formerly CEO of Yield AB and Scandinavian Financial Management AB, formerly Managing Partner in MVI, partner in CR&T Ventures AB (venture capital company in Buresfären), CEO of AppGate AB, CEO of Bonnier Online, Head of Bonnier Medialab, Product Manager for Apple Computer Inc. in France and the USA. Staffan Hillberg has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2007.

Number of shares: 251,414 Class B shares
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Pierre Mårtensson

Born: 1972
Pierre Mårtensson is an MBA from the BI Norwegian Business School and has an extensive experience from having worked internationally in global companies. Pierre Mårtensson came to us from Eniro Norway and has previously worked in the Oriflame Group as CEO for the Chinese market with responsibility for 17 offices. He has also been CEO of Lux Singapore and South Africa and, prior to that, Pierre worked three years for Zonavi AS, the interactive business unit for TV within Telenor AS, and two years of management consulting industry.

Number of shares: 0 +100,000 warrants
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Ingela Nordenhav

Ingela is an engineer from Chalmers University of Technology and has a long career at Volvo Cars and Trucks behind her. Her latest position was the Global Marketing Manager at Volvo Trucks where she, among other things, ran the company's change journey in image and digitalization. She has previous experience from both product development, quality, sales and aftermarket. She has lived and worked abroad on two occasions, in the Netherlands and the United States. Ingela has extensive experience in global work, strategic business management and business development. She has a broad cross-functional understanding with her main expertise in customer experience, marketing and brand development. Since the beginning of the year, she has run her own consulting company with the emphasis on strategic marketing.