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We are here to help you.
Do you have some questions about our products or the company? Some of questions are frequent. So we included them here with answers. Hopefully they will help you. If not, please contact us.

How to become a customer

How do I register as a new customer?

How do I get a new email with my customer login details?

How do I get a new password?

What is the difference between a Premier customer and a Retail customer?

Payment and Invoices

Where can I see the invoice overview?

How do I change my payment method?

How do I update my credit card details?

Where can I find my invoices?

What payment methods do you offer?


When will my delivery arrive?

How can I track my delivery?

How do I change my address?

How do I get my delivery that was returned?

How do I return my order?

How do I change the shipping address for my individual order?


How do I register as a Premier customer?

How can I add a Plus Subscription?

How do I change flavor in my subscription?

How long is the binding period of my subscription?

How can I pause my subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription?

How can I order extra products?

What are Zinzinos terms and conditions?


What is Zinzino 4Free?

How do I qualify for Zinzino 4Free?

How do I register a referral customer as a customer?

Where can I see if I am qualified for Zinzino 4Free?

Zinzino App

How do I download the app?

What is the purpose of the Zinzino App?

How do I qualify for the Zinzino App benefits?

Balance Test

How do I take my BalanceTest?

Where is my test analyzed?

Where can I find my test result?

How does the money back guarantee work?

I lost my test ID, what do I do?

What is the postal cost of sending in my BalanceTest?


What separates the BalanceOil from other Omega-3 supplements?

Why should I take BalanceOil?

Why is it important to have a normal Omega-6/ Omega-3 fatty acid balance?

How can I know if I have a healthy Omega-6/Omega-3 fatty acid balance?

What part of the fish is used to produce the BalanceOil?

How much omega-3 do I need?

Is there anyone who should not take BalanceOil or should consult with a doctor while taking it?

Are there any approved health claims on BalanceOil?

Is there any genetically modified material in the vegan oil?

Is algae oil safe?


What are the proteins used in LeanShake and what are their benefits?

Why is the fiber content in LeanShake unique?

Which sweetener and natural flavors are used in Lean Shake?

How much LeanShake should I use per day?

How do I qualify for the Health Challenge?

Are there any approved health claims on LeanShake?

Where do I find more information about LeanShake?


Why should I take the ZinoBiotic Fiber blend?

Can I take the ZinoBiotic Fiber blend and LeanShake together?

Is there anyone who should not take ZinoBiotic Fiber blend?

What kind of symptoms could I experience from taking ZinoBiotic Fiber blend?


Why should I take Xtend?

Are there any adults who should not take Xtend?

Xtend contains Vitamin K - Is this a problem for people on blood thinning drugs?

Is it just a standard multivitamin or does it has more to it?


What is the beta glucan ingredient in Protect?

When should I take Protect?

Do I find Beta Glucans in normal food?

Are there people who shouldn’t take Protect?

What happens if I take too much?


How do I use the SkinSerum?

Does the Zinzino SkinSerum contain natural ingredients?

I can´t find the ingredients list in my language?

Can children use the Zinzino SkinSerum?

Can I use the Zinzino SkinSerum around my eyes?

Are the ingredients in Zinzino SkinSerum tested on animals?


What is the recommended dosage for Viva?

When should I take Viva?

How often should I take Viva?

Is there anyone who should not take Viva?

Are there any approved health claims on Viva?