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April 17-23, 2023

Welcome to Director Trip in Mexico

We want to welcome you to Playa del Carmen, and the Grand Hyatt Hotel, a 5-star luxury beachfront resort at the Caribbean Coast of Quintana Roo.

We are preparing an exceptional program for you, starting with a soft welcome evening dinner on April 17 at 8:00PM. This week you will be able to enjoy several activities and entertainment as well as remarkable training by top leaders and Zinzino experts. Staying true to our tradition, there will also be a Volleyball tournament and we will end the week with a fabulous Gala Dinner.

Let’s create memorable moments at the Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen Resort!

The Grand Hyatt Hotel

Discover the magic of living at the Grand Hyatt in Playa del Carmen and enjoy endless multicultural experiences, indoors or out, at this fabulous resort.

Retreat to oceanfront rooms with balconies and suites overlooking the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Enjoy the amazing surroundings, take a stroll through the Quinta Avenida, full of bars, restaurants, art galleries, and nightlife. Or take a swim in the beautiful ocean just in front of the resort!

There is something to do for everyone at this magical place!

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Travel information

  • Arrival day April 17.
  • Departure day April 23, after breakfast.
  • Book your flight tickets and transfer (qualified Partners).
  • The closest airport is Cancun International Airport (CUN).
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel takes about 45 minutes (55 kilometers).
  • Check your passport! Make sure it has not expired, or if it has, extend it in time before the trip.
  • Get extra insurance on your flight ticket. Due to the uncertain times, we advise you to get extra insurance on your flight ticket to cover cancellations.
  • Check and order your travel insurance.

More travel info

BOOK TRANSFER  between the airport and the hotel today! 


Interpretation during the conference will be on Zoom. Please bring your own equipment to be able to use the interpretation service (smartphone, earphone, powerbank). 

This will be available in the following languages:


access interpretation here>>



Yes. We will offer interpretation into Hungarian, Slovak and German.
Interpretation will be on Zoom. Please bring your own equipment to be able to use the interpretation service. (smartphone, earphones, powerbank)

There is always a chance that you can join in if someone else cancels their participation. Contact Diana Nilsson who oversees the reservation list. There might be a spot for you.

Sports/ training sessions are for everyone, and there is no limit to the number of participants. You do not need to book your spot in advance. We will give you more information about the meeting place during the conference.

Interpretation will be available only during sessions held in the main conference room. It will not be arranged in the smaller rooms for different Breakout sessions. Recordings will not be available.


Right now, there is no obligation to wear a mask, but rules can still change before the Director Trip takes place.

Our Hospitality desk will be in front of the entrance to the main conference room, and it will always be staffed for 30 minutes before and after the event.


Contact Diana Nilsson calling the phone number +46704798778 or send an email to We are here for you.


Contact your insurance company if you cannot travel due to illness.

Each qualification is valid only for the respective Director Trip. You will need to qualify again if you wish to join the next Director Trip.

All the meals, activities, training and the conference are included.

Flight tickets and transfers are not included, but all our qualified Partners received €800 flight compensation.

The flight compensation is 800 EUR/ 1,000 USD ASIA/ 500 USD USA and it had been added to your Web Account before the Director Trip.

Everyone who is qualified for Director Trip 2023.

Contact information

Diana Nilsson telephone: +46 704798778