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Join our Partner Rewards Program

Join our Partner Rewards Program

Why join us?

  • Be part of a community that is shaping the future of nutrition.
  • Help us put preventive health on the global agenda.
  • Receive direct sales commissions and recurring income.
  • Get instant access to special offers and free products.
  • Access the Partner Digital Tool Kit.
  • Qualify for lifestyle rewards and incentive trips.

How do I join?

Simply become a Zinzino Independent Partner and start growing your Customer base.

The Zinzino Compensation Plan

One of the most competitive reward plans in direct sales. Get compensation in a number of different ways, earn luxury travel rewards and climb 17 prestigious achievement ranks.

Start selling right away

You are already in business when you register your first Customer with a Premier Kit. You’ll earn 10% starting with your first Customer sale.

Your free personal website

You will be set up with a simple, yet feature-rich e-commerce store and can start selling right away.

Tools and training

Get instant access to prospecting tools, promo materials and educational videos. Your Sponsor will also invite you to a Get Started Training Session.

Love it. Share it. Get free products

  1. Subscribe to a Z4F Kit and share your product experience.
  2. Enroll 4 or more subscribing Customers with a Premier Kit*.
  3. Get your own monthly subscription (Auto Order) for free. All you pay is shipping.

    *The Credit value of your first generation Customers' combined purchases must be at least 40 credits.

Our Fast Start Program

Within as little as 120 days, you will be able to unlock attractive bonuses and benefits.

You may also qualify for those benefits later, as described under higher achievement ranks. However, keep in mind that the more you achieve during your start-up, the faster you will advance in pay rank!

1. Smart Bronze

  • Register your Zinzino4Free Kit on Auto-Order and enroll at least 4 Customers with a Premier Kit (worth at least 20 credits in total).

  • Qualify for a 5-10% Mentor Bonus & Smart Bonus of 100 Pay points. 

2. Fast Silver

  • Register your Zinzino4Free Kit on Auto Order and enroll at least 4 Customers with a Premier Kit and reach 375 Credits in balance.

  • Qualify for 150 Pay Points & 100% Enrollment Credit Bonus (ECB).

No more than two-thirds of your qualifying Credits can come from the larger team. 

3. X-Team Express

  • Register your Zinzino4Free Kit on Auto-Order and enroll at least 10 Customers with a Premier Kit (worth at least 50 credits in total).

  • Qualify for 150 Pay Points & 100% Enrollment Credit Bonus (ECB).

To maintain your ECB, you must stay active each month as Silver or above (750 or higher balanced Credits) or X-Team.

More questions?

We’ll get you up and running in 3 easy steps:

Join – Become part of our community for free, or buy a Partner Start kit.

Build – Increase your Customer base, get direct sales commissions and free products.

Grow – Begin to set up your very own team and increase your potential for a higher commission.

A Partner Kit gives you everything you need to get started, try out and demo the products!

It gives you access to our Digital Tool Kit, you will earn activation credits, qualify for the Z4F program and the Fast Start Bonus. Buy our bestseller Ultimate Partner Kit and qualify for a full Loyalty refund.

Shop Partner Start Kits

You’ll get to shape the future of nutrition in a global community, sharing a collective passion for a greater cause. You will build your business in health and wellness where your networking skills and personal recommendations are your number one investment. The rest is on us. It’s free to join and there are no daunting startup costs, dealing with logistics, scrambling for the right prospecting tools, promo materials or digital resources. You get to focus on what you do best – connecting with people and sharing our knowledge, expertise and groundbreaking products with the world. You’ll get discounts from your very first order, direct sales commissions, a recurring income and free products in our Rewards Program. It is also a fast lane towards earning lifestyle rewards and exclusive incentive trips.

To qualify for bonuses, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • 4 Customer points.
  • 20 personal Credits.

Read more about the requirements to reach and maintain an active status as a Partner in the Zinzino Compensation Plan on page 3.

You can download it higher up on this page under the section Zinzino Compensation Plan.

Our Digital Tool Kit for Partners is three essential digital Partner tools in one handy kit, providing you with everything you need to get inspired, motivated and organized when building your business online. Monitor your personal and team performance, register new Partners or Customers, access educational resources and view action reports.