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Health • 25 October 2019 • 3 min

The 30-minute workout for every fitness level

By Zinzino

You buy adorable yoga pants, get a Fitbit, and tell yourself, ‘this is the month I start working out.’ One month (and one gym membership) later, you’ve repurposed that message to start THIS month.

Sound familiar?

No matter how much energy and inspiration you put into it, your exercise regime always falls to the floor (with your workout clothes). First of all, forgive yourself. You’re not perfect, and most often, the root of your unmotivated state isn’t because of laziness.

Grab yourself a mat, buy a simple pair of weights and pull a chair over. Let’s start with building the habit at home, in the first 30 days with the The 30-minute workout for every fitness level.

The daily 30-minute workout anyone can do.

Put aside the need to ‘look good’ and perceptions you’re not a ‘gym person’. Here are seven exercises that form a fun, muscle and confidence-building workout. Aim to do each move 12 times and complete three complete sequences.

Got a backyard? Bring your equipment outside and top up on some vitamin D as you go.

1) Pre-workout warm-up

Spend the first 10 minutes stretching your body and getting the blood pumping, with light cardio. Go for a walk around the block and then get comfortable on your mat.

2) Arm & shoulder combo

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with one weight in each hand. Curl them up to work your biceps, then rotate your wrist, so your palms are facing one another. Push up over-head to give your shoulder muscles some ‘love.’

3) Squat & arm pull

This is a full-body move, so get ready to SWEAT! Your legs, glutes, thighs and trapezius muscles will be ‘screaming’ tomorrow (but the good type of pain). Position the weights with palms facing your body. Slowly lower into a squat (deep breaths) and visualise sitting down on a chair, with back straight. As you rise, pull the weights toward your chest, leading with your elbows.

4) Chair dip

Let’s keep you in this ‘chair’ position with dips. But this time, it’s designed to work the back of your arms. Pull your chair over (yay, support) and put your hands on the seat next to you. Place your feet out in front, thighs parallel to the floor. Move down towards the seat as you bend your arms, let your elbows go behind you to hold your body weight. Push back up into starting position and repeat.

5) Hands & knees

Take a drink break. You’re half-way there! Now, it’s over to your abdominal core muscles, arms, and legs. Get down on your hands and knees (make sure you’re on the yoga mat). Line your wrists with your shoulders, with a flat back. Lift one leg behind you, then stretch out the opposite arm. Hold this pose or for a greater challenge, crunch your knee to chest, and elbow to knee. Repeat the other side.

6) Curtsey lunge & leg lift

Stand tall and place your hands on the back of a chair for balance. Take a generous lunge step backwards with your left leg. Don’t let the front knee pass the line of your toe, as you lower your torso. Stay straight, as you return to standing position. Foot flexed, take your leg out to the side.

7) Bridge pose with chest press

Lie on your back (this is your last move, don’t worry). Squeeze your glutes and raise your hips up off the floor to make a straight line from the shoulder to knees. Disciplined in your stance, add in the chest press. Hold your weights with your palms facing forward, in line with your chest. Press weights up, hold and return to the starting position.

Look at you! You’re officially someone who works out. Feels good, doesn’t it? Keep this healthy 30-minute workout momentum going and tackle another wellness win. Discover your Omega-6:3 ratio with BalanceTest and empower your body with tailored oils that promote healthy bones, cells and muscles.