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Health • 07 January 2020 • 2 min

This could be stopping you working out.

By Zinzino

There are instances when you know exactly why you’re not working out. Injury, busyness, a breakup, “priorities”. And then, there are days and weeks, heck, even MONTHS, where you’re uninspired to exercise.

Is it seasonal? Maybe. Boredom? Could be. It’s probably a number of variables. But there’s one reason that people don’t really talk about… the connection between their emotional and physical health.

You put off going to the gym day after day, then peruse Instagram (and all the fit people). This, of course, makes matters worse for working out. We start to feel guilty for not going, which starts an unhealthy cycle.

What’s important is you addressing the root of why you’re resisting working out. We’re all human and flow with the cycle of the seasons. Some months, we’re just not as physical, and that’s okay.

But if you find yourself in this ‘I’m lazy’, guilty self-dialogue, ask yourself these questions:

What’s going on in my mind?

What are my emotions ‘telling’ me?

What is it, I’m not addressing?

You might be surprised at what you discover. Maybe, your lack of motivation for working out has nothing to do with your love for movement. Be honest with yourself and use externalisation to help you express what’s in your mind. It could, in fact, be linked to a yearning for a career shift and a loss of love for what you’re doing, professionally. Look at your relationships, too.


Physical and emotional & mental health aren’t separate.

Personal trainers don’t talk much about how emotions might impact your ability to get out of bed (or step outside of comparison mode). Physical, emotional and mental health all deserve your attention. They’re all as important as one another and one usually can’t thrive unless all areas are taken care of.

Empower yourself by knowing the difference when you’re not working out because you’re sleepy or feel lazy vs. when there’s something deep down that needs your attention.

The key to getting these answers is practicing absolute honesty. Then, letting yourself off the hook and forgiving yourself.

Focus on supportive actions to boost physical health.

While you might not be working out as much, you can focus on balancing your body. Follow a nutritious, Mediterranean style eating regime and support your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Right now, your body might need a helping hand, with an advanced immune and nutritional supplement like Xtend+. It perfectly complements BalanceOil+, for those of you working to harmonise your Omega 6:3 ratio.

So, today, skip the guilt and workout your emotional muscles.