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Recipes • 27 March 2022 • 3 min

Healthy snack ideas for kids

By Zinzino

Do you want to boost your child’s energy, prevent them from overeating or simply from being hungry between meals? Well, we have the answer – healthy snacks for kids.

Do kids really need sneaks between meals? 

Snacking for children is so important, not only to help their growing bodies get all the nutrients they need, but also because they have much smaller stomachs compared to adults. Children need to eat less food, but more frequently, which is why snacking between meals is beneficial.

How many snacks should children have each day?

It’s recommended that children consume their three main meals plus two snacks throughout the day and have at least a 2-hour gap between each meal and/or snack. This is especially important when kids are active with sports and other activities to give them the energy, they need to keep going all day long.

Why are healthy snacks important for kids?

It’s vital for children to snack on healthy foods. Snacking throughout the day is the equivalent of at least one meal or more. Consuming unhealthy snacks could lead to health concerns as well as excessive weight gain. It is important to remember that snacks need: 

  • Protein 
  • Wholefood carbohydrates
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Nutrients, vitamins, and minerals

So, how do you make simple healthy snacks for kids?

Making healthy snacks for kids is easy.  We’ve put together 4 healthy snack ideas for kids to enjoy that are easy to make at home or for the school lunchbox

  1. Apple slices with peanut butter (contains nuts). This snack provides fruit, they do say ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Plus, peanut butter which is full of protein and healthy fats. 
  2. Banana and honey on wholemeal toast. Pop some wholemeal bread in the toaster and add sliced banana with a drizzle of honey on top. Your child will be satisfied and given plenty of energy with the wholemeal bread, fruit, and natural sugar from the honey.
  3. Crackers with hummus, cheese, and carrot sticks. Let’s be real, we all enjoy some cheese and crackers, so why not make a healthy version for the kids! This contains complex carbohydrates, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. 
  4. Mixed berry smoothie. This is a fun and quick on-the-go snack for you and your children. Full of fruit, protein, and natural sugars to help growing bodies. Plus, add in a daily dose of BalanceOil for added Omega-3 and Vitamin D support.  

These snacks for kids will not only keep your children’s diet healthy, but also keep them satisfied between their main meals.

We encourage children to get involved with making their snacks so they can help understand and learn what goes into each meal and into their tummies.  

Don’t forget to keep your children’s essential Omega-3 levels in check with our game-changing blend of pure fish oil and extra virgin olive oil packed with antioxidants. Our new BalanceOil Tutti Frutti flavour and specific dosage recommendations to meet kids’ unique needs and safely restore the fatty acid balance and support normal immune, eye and brain function.

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