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Fighting brain fog and fatigue?

Help your body recharge, revitalize and repair itself.

Fighting brain fog and fatigue?

Help your body recharge, revitalize and repair itself.

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Scientifically proven for a total health reset.

Relieve stress, improve mood and increase feelings of well-being.

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Flush out old cells that build up in your body over time, and support new DNA-synthesis.

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Peace of mind in writing

Viva+ is certified by The Vegan Society and Informed Sport. The ingredients in both supplements offer health benefits approved by EFSA, The European Food Safety Authority.

The Vegan Society

Informed Sport


Say hi to Viva+!

A spa for the mind when you’re feeling down, worn out, or in need of a good night’s sleep.


What’s in Viva+ for you?

Helps to relieve ordinary stress

Supports normal cognitive functions

Helps to relieve tiredness and fatigue

Supports normal energy-yielding metabolism

“Staying healthy is one of the most important things in life, for all human beings, not just athletes.”

Sara Hector, Olympic alpine skier, Sweden

A powerful alliance of all-natural ingredients

Exclusive, carefully sourced and naturally engineered to nourish and help your body replenish and restore itself.

Meet ZinoGene+!

The future of supplements supporting DNA synthesis, stimulating cell regeneration, and creating game-changing results in your body!


What’s in ZinoGene+ for you?

Contributes to normal DNA synthesis

Contributes to protecting cells from oxidative stress

Supports cell division

Exclusive, rigorously sourced ingredients

Close the the nutritional gap with a cutting-edge, proprietary blend based on the world’s most bioavailable, high-end ingredients.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world, harvested and processed by hand. We use affron® which is the new generation of saffron extract where Spanish saffron stigmas are extracted using a high-tech process to optimize the amount of and level of bioactive compounds in the spice.

A diet consistently low in essential nutrients over time may compromise both mental and physiological functions in our body. It can influence our sleep, our memory and the ability to concentrate. Viva+ contains magnesium from seawater that supports normal energy-yielding metabolism and vitamin C from acerola berries that helps to relieve tiredness and fatigue.

We recommend keeping the tablets in the blister pack if possible, as both shelf-life and the amount of the active components can be reduced when the tables are exposed to sunlight, temperatures and air. However, if the tablets are placed in the organizer close to intake (e.g. the same day or following days) this would not influence the shelf-life or amounts of active components in any significant way.

Brown algae contain elements called fucoidans; non-stick compounds that are the biological equivalent of Teflon. They are located in the cell walls of the seaweed plant serving to protect it from external stress. The nutritional properties of fucoidans are nothing new. Fucoidans are high-end ingredients that have been used for therapeutic purposes over thousands of years and we have applied a very high dose of this exclusive ingredient in Zinogene.

There are many different curcumin extracts on the market, but there is a considerable variance when it comes to their bioavailability; the amount of the nutrient that has an active effect in the body. We have chosen the global award-winning ingredient HydroCurc®, which is the world´s most bioavailable curcumin. This means enhanced absorption, and consequently improved efficacy and functionality.

Yes you can crush or chew it. It might not taste as good, but the effect should only be positive as the tablet is already crushed into smaller particles to enhance more digestive factors.

ZinoGene+ has 0.2 grams of sorbitol in 1 tablet, a naturally derived, non-gmo wheat and maize-based bulking agent. This is an extremely low dose. However, you should always consult your doctor before taking a supplement with sorbitol if you have this disease.

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