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Do you want to get more out of life? Are you looking for the freedom to do what you really want with your time? You’re in good company.

Tens of thousands of people across the world have already made their move. Building lasting business success and a better life in a global community of independent entrepreneurs, visionaries and game-changers.

We’re Zinzino. A global health tech company from Scandinavia. We’re Nasdaq-listed and have been driving test-based nutrition and sustainable social selling with steady organic growth for almost two decades. In 2012 we discovered a health challenge that concerns 97% of the global population and a pioneering innovation to solve it. Today, our product portfolio is setting the new standard for personal health. 

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Our Independent Partners are from all walks of life. Following their dream for the exact same reasons as you’re reading this today. You can make a business out of this too, by spreading the word about our groundbreaking biotechnology in your communities. It’s free to join, and best practice is already in place. Simply follow a system with proven success; tested and perfected for decades. We’ll give you exclusive rights to promote our nutritional supplements and confidential health tests. Everybody wants to know if their health is on track. Our extensive lab reports offer proof in writing.

This is your time to unlock your real potential and live life to the fullest. Join us in creating a better future by taking the guesswork out of healthier living today. We can’t wait to meet you.

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What's in this for me?

Personal health tests


Build your business by spreading the word about our groundbreaking biotechnology in your communities. We give you exclusive rights to share our range of nutritional supplements and confidential health tests (DBS). Offering customers our tests will be your number one sales tool. We all want to know if our health is on track.

A Nasdaq-listed company


Zinzino is a global health and wellness brand from Scandinavia, pioneering test-based nutrition and the future of personal health. Should you decide to join us, we will help you every step of the way.You’ll be working together with our corporate management team, scientists and product specialists, worldwide Partner and customer support, and a fully staffed sales and marketing team.

Start earning right away


It’s free to join, and you’re in business from your very first order: No start-up fees, overhead costs or logistics. You’ll get personalized access to the Zinzino website, where you’ll promote our groundbreaking products and get credited for every sale you make. We’ll manage all shipping and handling and deliver every order directly to your customers from warehouses worldwide.

A unique pay plan


This is your business, and you decide how much you want to earn. Our dual pay plan will reward you both for promoting our products to your personal customers and helping other entrepreneurs create a business out of this. The choice is always yours.

A proven business model


Direct sales is all about working smarter, not harder. Best practice is already in place. Grow your business by mastering the magic of duplication, a system that has been tested and perfected for decades. You’ll get your own mentor and a whole team of people around you offering all the training, guidance and support you need to succeed.

Work with a global market


Build locally and grow globally. All within one ecosystem. When expanding your customer base across the Zinzino platform, you’ll ensure the sun never sets on your business. Literally. 40+ official markets, 5 continents, and more than 100 ship-to-markets worldwide are just a click away.

How does it work?

How do I get paid?


One of the most competive pay plans in direct sales

Backed by science.
Powered by nature

Backed by science.
Powered by nature

“Together, we are shaping the future of nutrition.”

Örjan Saele, Zinzino co-founder

Why direct sales?

The essence of personalized shopping

Today’s social selling is built on decades of direct sales success. Bringing people together by sharing great product experiences. We help you make a business out of it too. 


A global community of like-minded people

Our way of working fits the booming, personal health trend like a glove. Together, we share our mutual passion for a better life with the world. Guiding people on their health journey with hard facts, tailored solutions and lasting results.

> 20.000

Zinzino Independent Partners worldwide

18 years

of sustainable social selling

100 +

markets on five continents

Frequently asked questions

Direct sales is relationship selling at its finest - genuine, personal and tailormade. The essence of word-of-mouth advertising where you cut out the middlemen and move the power in attracting customers from the stores to the field. As our Partner, you’ll be an entrepreneur in your own right, building your business by spreading the word about our nutritional supplements and health tests in your communities, online or face-to-face. We’ll give you credit for every sale that is a result of your personal endorsements.

It’s free to join, and you’re in business from your very first order: No start-up fees, overhead costs or logistics. We’ll manage it all so you can focus on what you do best - networking. In direct sales, your word is your bond, the key factor for success. That’s why you always start out by recommending our products to people who already know you, share your values and trust your judgement. The rest will follow.

Once you’re signed up as a Partner, the very best way to become one of us is to get social! Join the conversation with fellow Partners on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to book your first meeting with your sponsor, get to know your team and upline, and attend regional events in your area. Above all! Secure a ticket to the happening of the year where the entire Zinzino community shows up in flying colors - our one and only Annual Event!

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