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Welcome to the Zinzino family. Let’s get started!

Building your new business is all about learning by doing. Simply imitate and duplicate our system of success. 

Watch our training videos

Onboarding – get to know us

The Get Started Meeting – first 48 hours

Get active
Earn as you learn! We will show you exactly how to build your business on the go.

Write down your goals


Define 10 specific, measurable, attractive, realistic and time-bound reasons why you want to start your business. 

Map out your plan


Decide the time you need to invest in order to get customers, unlock bonuses, earn rewards and reach your goals. 

Get coaching


Learn the business and the products in one-on-one sessions, workshops and team training.

Grow in our community


Get inspired, motivated and educated at our local, national and Annual Events.

Get to work
Just like any job, you need to do the work to get the results. Follow the Partner Recruitment Pipeline.

Create Prospects



Prospecting is not about selling or sharing information. It’s all about networking, building trust and friendships. Be curious! Ask questions to find out other people’s needs, desires and dreams.


Write 100 name list

Start by writing down 100 people from your phone book and social media accounts. Include at least 20 people you look up to and want to work with. 



Set up appointments by reaching out to people the same way you normally would. It’s all about finding the ones who are open to hear more about the product or business. Don’t give away too much. The key is to create a desire to hear more when you meet.

Present to Prospects


Short Presentation

A brief meeting, one-on-one, two-on-one, in a group, online or offline. Focus on the relationship, what you’ve learned about the prospects’ needs, skills and talents. Use the presentation to provide a quick overview of the products and the business opportunity.


Business Presentation

A regular meeting in a group setting, online or offline. This presentation should give an overview of more details presenting the business opportunity. Remember to schedule individual follow-ups to ensure that your potential prospects have their questions answered when onboarded.


Decision Meeting

Find the prospect’s key motivational factors to secure a commitment. Answer questions! Run through the Pipeline, explain how we work together and offer support every step of the way. If they still hesitate, schedule a new appointment or follow up later to reconnect.

Educate Partners


Get Started Training

Do your homework prior to the meeting. Brainstorm your contact list, think through your goals, and watch the first two training videos to get an overview of what’s next. Make sure to go through page 24 in Express Start during the meeting.


Team Training

Work smarter, not harder, by growing and learning together. Jot down all weekly and monthly team meetings and commit to participating in each one! This is how you grow both personally and professionally.


Business Planning Session

Make sure to get - and keep – everyone’s business going and growing. Commit to the monthly training sessions with your team to keep everyone updated on the products, the comp plan, selling and recruitment, social media and professional development.



Promote Events

Sell tickets! Staying inspired and motivated to grow is essential for successful duplication. Our national and international events will activate your team to go all in. Your results are measured by the number of people from your team attending these events.

Kickstart your business in 120 days

Our Fast Start Program is where you earn, learn and start building your organization.

Each completed goal unlocks a set of rewards, a new title, and free monthly products!
Track your progress in the BackOffice under the tab “Reporting”.


Go Q-Team in 30 days

Get 4 Customers subscribing to a Premier Kit during your first 30 days

Reach your 60-day goal

Enroll two new Partners within 60 days

Reach your 90-day goal

Help your 2 enroll 2. Any 4 from you, A or B will do. 

Go X-Team in 120 days

Get 6 more Customers to subscribe to a Premier Kit before your 120 days are up

Want to know more? Hear it from Hilde, our co-founder

Onboarding checklist

Choose your Partner Kit

Create a Z4F Auto Order

Take your first BalanceTest & register it

Download the GoCore app

Join #Teamzinzinoofficial on Facebook & Instagram including your local team pages

Buy an event ticket

Your toolbox

Express Start

Your onboarding manual and daily workbook in one.


Short Presentation

A brief overview of the products and the business opportunity.


Business Presentation

A detailed presentation of our products and the business opportunity.


Customer Presentation

Presenting our product range, Balance concept and special product offers.


The Lookbook

Customer leave-behind, with our purpose, promise and core offer at a glance.


GoCore app

1 500 audios and videos filled with fresh educational and motivational content.


Shared carts

Prepare personalized orders to prospects online.



Watch the tutorial to learn the BackOffice basics.


Take the next step
Watch the other two Get Started training videos.

Open the box - after 10 days

Pep Talk - after 20 days