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Health • 09 April 2020 • 3 min

Instant (natural) mood boosters

By Zinzino

It’s raining outside and the grey skies haven’t cleared in days. Nothing is wrong but your mood is a little… meh. Call it the change of seasons, moving into a new chapter of life or simply, a little bit of boredom.

Feeling stuck is normal. It’s all part of this rollercoaster journey we take as humans. Don’t beat yourself up or assume that you need to be “on”, every day. But, when your emotions are a little off, avoid labelling it as ‘sad’, ‘depressed’ or ‘not yourself.’

Be kind to yourself and experiment with some – mood boosting strategies.

Nourish your mind, body & soul.

Come at it from a non-judgemental angle. If you find yourself getting frustrated because you don’t know ‘what’s up’, just relax. Give yourself time to explore it.

1) The power in externalisation

Grab yourself a journal and at the top of the page, write: What is troubling me? You might be surprised at what comes out. The act of journaling gets your thoughts out of your head and into black & white, that you can identify. You may find nothing at all. Or, you may find a deep-rooted cause, bubbling to the surface. Give yourself 30 minutes every morning for ‘me’ time.

2) Explore your self-dialogue

What type of ‘conversations’ are you having with yourself? Are you waking up and saying, ‘I hate my job’ or ‘I don’t want to work out.’ Recognise the feelings you’re telling yourself. They might be causing you unnecessary pain. Think about your work, finances, relationships, and health. These (untrue) snapshots could be blocking you from moving forward and progressing in life.

3) Find exercise that you enjoy

Forget what everyone else is doing. Put aside how you THINK you should work out, based on what you’re told. If the gym works for you, great. But if soft exercise like walking and yoga are more your style, go for it. Don’t feel like you have to push through the resistance and see a personal trainer. That resistance could be telling you that it’s not what you enjoy (not that you’re lazy). Adopt this philosophy for everything you do in life and you’ll free up a lot of mental space.

4) Prioritise the activities you like to do

Set your soul alight by giving yourself permission to do the things you love. Make a list of all your non-negotiables. It doesn’t have to be long or eloquent. Rather, the big and small ways you enjoy spending your time.

It might look like this:

  • Host dinners for friends and family to bring people together
  • Play sport or music
  • Go on yearly overseas trips
  • Walk to my local coffee shop every morning
  • Explore new recipes and make home-cooked meals.

Life gets busy. Don’t ignore the most important person in it. YOU!

5) Fuel your body with the right nutrients

Zinzino’s natural dietary supplement, Viva+, helps relieve stress, improve mood, and boost well-being. That blurgh feeling could be as simple as a lack of nutrients that keep your body off-centre. Viva+ contains a patented extract of affron stigmas and also includes B-vitamins, iodine and vitamin C to support a good feeling state. Because we know a vitamin B-12 deficiency can affect our mood.

Be patient, follow these tips and wait for the clouds to clear.