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Sănătate • marți, 30 aprilie 2024 • 4 min

Choosing the right supplement for kids

By Zinzino

Did you know that children's nutritional requirements are not the same as an adult's? Mirroring adult supplement dosages can be overwhelming and unnecessary for a child's system. You need to adopt a mindful approach to supplementation, filling the nutritional voids without excess.

Fun and functional

It's essential to recognize that children’s needs are distinct and unique. Supplementation should be sensible and safe – providing only the essential vitamins and minerals that support a normal immune system. The formulation needs to be tailored to complement, not compete with, a diet rich in whole foods. Also, remember that teaching children about food and nutrients at an early age sets the stage for a lifetime of healthy habits. Taking a supplement should be a both fun and functional experience for a child. Keep in mind that children are born suspiocious to foods that smell and taste strange. Having a picky eater at the table can be stresssful, but it is perfectly normal.

Safe and sugar-free

Opt for flavored multivitamins, but be sure to leave out the ones with added sugar. Our latest scientifically formulated, nutritional supplement for kids is a chewable multivitamin that is smaller than average and shaped like a tiny button. Combined with its sugar-free, tutti frutti flavor and chewy texture, Multify is easy for children to swallow and digest, and it contains age-specific dosage recommendations, scaled for a child's biological needs while taking the family’s lifestyle into consideration. Recognizing that smaller children’s specific dietary choices might put them at risk of nutritional deficits, Multify is designed primarily for 4 to 11-year-olds. However, the supplement is suitable for the entire family.

Approved by kids and parents

Multify is a kids supplement that stands out not only for its appealing flavor and size, but also for its carefully considered formulation. It's a product born from the understanding that supplementing a child's diet is not about simply reducing adult dosages, but about tailoring the nutrient profile to fit a growing child’s specific needs. Our product development manager, Ida Marie Pedersen has leveraged her personal experience as a parent to create a product that makes nutrient intake a treat rather than a chore. Her product team has meticulously created a tasty and functional solution to sidestep the battles and face the fussy-eater challenge. During their work, they also brought in a panel of both kids and parents to engage in the process, study the formulation, and sample several different aromas, and levels of sweet and sourness.

Key nutrients for kids

Choline is an ingredient previously categorized as vitamin B4. Choline is involved in many processes in the body, including cell structure, cell messaging, fat transport and metabolism, DNA synthesis, and maintaining a healthy nervous system. Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (2023) identified children as being a vulnerable group of not getting enough choline in their diet. With this in mind, our product development team added choline to the Multify formula. Multify offers a comprehensive immune system support, and also contains 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans from baker’s yeast. These naturally occurring fibers found in the cell walls of cereals, yeast, bacteria, and fungi, offer different health benefits especially beneficial for children who may not consistently get these compounds from food. To learn more about us and our new multivitamin for kids that offers peace of mind for both busy parents and picky kids, visit