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Sveikata • 2023 m. sausio 28 d., šeštadienis • 2 min

5 elements of staying fit (your trainer probably won’t tell you)

By Zinzino

‘Work harder, run faster’ is the collective mantra in gyms. That the more you work out, makes staying fit a lot easier. But this isn’t always necessarily the case. We don’t all want (or need) to lift weights. More isn’t always better.

So, what matters, then? Only you know the answer to that. If you go to the gym five times a week, only to skip the next 10 days, maybe it’s not the right pace for you. Be honest with yourself. There are no hard rules we should all follow. Sure, respect the guidelines but create an exercise routine that works for you.

Keep these principles in mind as you work out.

1) Personalization

Like we said, don’t push yourself to be a ‘gym person’ just because everyone else is. Base your exercise regime and staying fit on the activities you enjoy. This might include walking, yoga, hiking, playing a sport or joining a class. Personalisation is the only way you’ll build (and maintain) momentum.

2) History

Consider what’s worked (and what hasn’t) in the past. Did you try boxing once and loved it? Do you prefer exercising outdoors? Are you more active during certain seasons? Look back for some insights into what might work for you, now.

3) Balance

Think about creating a balanced approach to exercise that incorporates body composition, cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength and flexibility. This will also help you design a plan with variety that reduces boredom and complacency.

4) Lifestyle

Are you a creative? Into selling (like Zinzino! wink wink)? Keeping physical and staying fit allows you to show up with high energy and sharpness, so you’re always on your game. Yes, vanity does motivate but it only takes us so far. Approach exercising as an essential ingredient to a successful life – in your career, relationships and outlook.

5) Supplements

Rather than the “get you shredded at the gym” variety, here’s an overall brain, body and mood-boosting aid that keeps you healthy over the long-term. Zinzino’s Xtend+ is the most advanced immune and nutritional supplement, with 23 essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and cell-renewing goodness. Yes, it makes you feel good and boosts energy levels, which can help with your workouts. But Xtend+ plays the long game with good health, over the course of your life.

Find out more about the benefits of Xtend+ to the mind and body.

Hey, you might just teach your trainer a thing or two about staying fit (or five, with these tips).